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May I post a story here? Spoilers abound. Apologies to any toes I step on.

A Brief History of Pelican Town


The Stardew Valley

 In the year of 1688 c.e, the first Wizarding Family built a tower west of the deep bay in the Stardew Valley. Madame LaCrimp and her seven children moved in, only being able to stay in the tower because of ‘expansion magic’ or as her son, Harry, said on looking at the tiny tower and when entering found a vast spacious and elegant abode “I love Magic.” As the centuries passed the LaCrimps became lonely and a bit bored and also tired of doing all the manual labor themselves. Who could they get entice to live in this back water? Hmmm. I nviting an enterprising fisherman to take up residence on the beach, the LaCrimps supplied him and his wife with wood and metals to create the fishing docks. They also taught the fisherman how to keep the docks from ever decaying or needing repair. Unfortunately, they forgot about the bridges and within a century the small wooden foot bridge to the far eastern peninsula was destroyed by floods. The fisherman and his wife stuck it out and raised a family in a tiny hut on the beach. However, the fishing was good and pelicans on the barbie weren’t too bad either. Word spread of the small hamlet and in 1889 c.e. Mr and Ms. Charles and Lucy Brown moved in, immediately enticing some of their old friends from Zuzu City, George and Eleanor Smith and their two sons and daughter to join them. George and his sons began to work the mines and the quarry but after a tragic accident in which George was seriously injured, the boys left home leaving only their sister to care for a querulous father and a rather simple minded mother. Lonely, the girl reached out to old friends in the city. She was introduced to a young man, who flirted with her, slept with her and got her pregnant and then, as expected, abandoned her to raise their son alone. All she had left of the doomed relationship was a small music box and the baby. She never recovered and when the boy, Alexander, was quite young, she died. The LaCrimps are not satisfied with their small village: they needed people, culture, things to buy, places to go. The eldest son, Marlon, went off to the far western desert to find fame and fortune joining up with a taciturn drifter name Gilmore. Together they fought serious monsters, discovered a bottomless dungeon filled with treasures and dangers. And got hurt on a regular basis. The LaCrimps opened a medical clinic and warned Marlon to be more careful next time. A warning that became his motto. The middle son, Rasmodius, decided to attend Zuzu University where he met Victoria Ran, a demi-goddess with lovely green hair. They could not marry - neither family would approve - but they swore undying love and since both demi-goddesses and wizards are immortal, theirs would be a long long long love affair. But Madame LaCrimp demanded that Rasmodius return home after his brother Marlon was severely injured and lost an eye. Swearing to remain faithful although separated, Rasmodius left Victoria, who, trying to be kind and loving, as was the wont of demi-goddesses, did not tell him that she was carrying his child, retired to a sea-side grotto. She named the baby, when it finally made a delayed appearance, Caroline. Demi-goddesses tend to have what seemed like never ending pregnancies Meanwhile, back in Pelican Bay, which had become legally known as Pelican town, the Browns (remember the Browns??) raised two sons, Lewis and Linus. Lewis was in charge of the family business since his father had become a bit dotty after chasing one too many footballs, and Linus became entranced with the natural beauty of the valley. After their father died and Lucy retired to a seniors’ center in Zuzu, Lewis and Linus had a severe falling out or several severe falling outs. They disagreed on everything, from the running of the village to the problems of pollution. Linus devised the sewer system which allowed indoor sanitation and he also built a hot springs bathhouse near the railroad station, hoping to attract tourists who will value the pristine beauty of the Valley. Lewis began to build a community center in an attempt to attract more townspeople and thus, more taxes. In the year 1909 c.e. the community center was finished and it did attract more people. Robert and Wren Hawke took up residence in the mountains north of the village where Robert became the local carpenter and Wren designed comfortable although not elegant furniture. Their business prospered and a cousin from Wuwu Town, Craig Stone and his son Clint, relocated their blacksmithing business to Pelican town, mainly to supply Robert with nails and Wren with door knobs and cabinet pulls. The Hawkes had one child, a girl predictably named Robin and when her father perished in the mines and her mother grieved herself to death, Robin took over the carpentry shop. Life was not easy for Robin Hawke; she married one of the LaCrimp men, a fellow named Rasmodius. (Remember Rasmodius???) Together they had a son but Rasmodius had other commitments in other places, it seemed that he had already married into another Wizarding Family and rather than be an out and out bigamist, he disowned not only Robin but his son Sebastian. T hat action however did not mollify his wife Minne (short for Hermione) and she flew into a rage - a green rage which is much worse than a black rage - Minnie left Rasmodius, going to sulk in a slimy swamp with her minion Troll from which she continues to the present day to make occasional forays to deposit foul substances in unsuspecting chicken coops. V. Ran decided to interfere and sent her now grown daughter Caroline and her husband, a well-mannered northerner named Pierre, to open up a mercantile shop and to keep an eye on her old love Rasmodius. To do that V, Ran trained her granddaughter to spy on Rasmodius on alternate Fridays. The mines in the eastern hills beyond Pelican town became infested with chthonic creatures, including dark Shamans and spirits of undead creatures, and mining became not only difficult but dangerous. Lewis and Linus had their final argument in which Linus avowed he would tell everyone of Lewis’s shady dealings with a casino owner in the western Calico Desert and in revenge Lewis threw Linus to the figurative wolves - casting him into the wilds to live in a tent and scrounge food from garbage cans at night. People moved in and people moved out. A young soldier located his family in Pelican town, hoping they would be safe while he was serving in what seemed to be an unending conflict between the Ferngill Republic and the Gotoro Empire. A young woman, Marnie Connery, who wanted to be a vet but found out it was more difficult to become a vet than a doctor, opened a animal ranch and she immediately fell for Lewis’s devilish charm. Something of a prude but also a hopeless romantic, Marnie claimed that the little girl is her niece although the pictures people found proved otherwise. For some unknown reason Marnie also provided housing for her brother’s son - a depressed anti-social boy named Shane. A wealthy world-roaming couple installed their dope addicted eldest daughter and a vain, rude and mercenary youngest daughter in a waterfront property and took off, never to be heard from again. They just could not take anymore parrot guano on the bedroom floor. In the desert the casino owner, who was only know by a nickname, Mr. Qi, induced a young woman - Rose Handy - to run the front shop for him while he leased her back rooms for a gambling den as well as surveillance system that spied on everyone. And I do mean EVERYONE. Rose immediately changed her name to Sandy since her family would not approve of where she was located or what she was doing. She was, after all, a good girl and not a second hand rose or what ever. Pelican Town is now bustling with people; dances are performed in woody glades, luaus are held on the beach, ancestor worship occurs in a twisting maze, artists and writers are attracted to the town for their own esoteric reasons. A few of the kids have become musicians. The population diversifies. A scientist who is also the token black person marries Robin and trains their daughter to be researcher and a nurse. But as the town grows a problem develops. Food shortages become worrisome and some people just don’t like eating only fish. Some residents have back yard gardens, other do not. The local tavern owner has to import food. The unemployed bus driver exists on beer and parsnips. Something must be done. Rasmodius recalls that his love, Victoria Ran, is a Harvest Goddess and asks her for advice. “Get a farmer, my dear. Get a farmer and work them to the bone. Farmers work best under pressure.” V. Ran replies. Far away in the Gotoro Empire, a young customer service representative working for a soulless mega-corporation becomes despondent with their flat, stale and meaningless existence. They recall that their grandfather once lived on a tiny farm in a small valley in the Ferngill Republic and that he left the farm to them in his will. In a magically inspired dream, the young person is visited by the specter of their grandfather who encourages them to abandon the city and go. Buying a ticket on the last train into Pelican town, (sort of like the 3:10 to Yuma) the young person takes the bus (also the last bus) to the town, is met by Lewis Brown, who escorts them to the dilapidated cabin in the middle of an over-grown, weed infested, rock strewn wilderness. The poor young farmer has only five hundred gold pennies, some cheap shoddy tools and packet of parsnip seeds. How ever shall they survive? That dear reader, is for you to decide. 
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List of Spaceports in the year 1999 [Overheaven]

Alright, this is a fairly comprehensive list of all the active launch sites on Earth as of the year 1999, in Overheaven’s alternate history timeline.
Realistically, most of these only launch satellites, and the ones that do shoot people into space are probably doing so with capsules, though the more developed countries have fleets of reusable space planes (both manned and unmanned). The overwhelming majority of launches are going to be routine unmanned, reusable rockets sending up supplies or satellites or space station construction materials, and then touching back down on the launch pad like SpaceX's BFR (we get that level of reusable launch vehicle by the mid/late 70's, rather than the late 2010’s - amazing what you can accomplish when two superpowers feel the need to put thousands of nukes in orbit, because the 1967 Outer Space Treaty never happened).
Many are run by the military or public-sector space agencies like the ESA, NASA, the Commonwealth Space Program, or Soyuzcosmos (the USSR's NASA counterpart), but I'm willing to bet that at least half (perhaps even two-thirds) of these are private-sector operations, and most non-military public-sector launch sites do private-sector flights as well. Rockets like the Sea Dragon theoretically don't really need launchpads, and while there might be launch facilities which specialize with Sea Dragon-type rockets, I think that the smaller spaceflight companies would just buy one of these rockets, strap the payload on top, and tow it out to sea near the equator for launch. And there's also air-launched sub-orbital vehicles (stuff like Virgin Galactic's White Knight), which I wager could take off from regular old airports on the backs of Boeing 747's or Antonov 124's.
Some of these are existing rocket launch sites (mostly for sounding rockets), which I've turned into full-on Cape Canaveral/Baikonur-type facilities, while others are proposed locations for launch sites, and some are just good ideas I figured would work but never appeared in our timeline.
Anyway, I'm pretty sure this is enough space infrastructure to serve as the basis for a smoothly-running interplanetary civilization by 1999, with the Internet still in its infancy. In Overheaven’s alternate timeline, the lack of an OST leads to a more aggressive and ambitious space race. Men on on Mars by 1976, men on Venus by 1978, and the construction of huge nuclear missile platforms in orbit by both superpowers. By the late 70’s, space industry was just getting started, and by the 80’s, the “Space Boom” was in full swing, baby. Experimental atomic research, rotating space hotels, medical and chemical research labs in orbit, space manufacturing, solar power satellites, mining near-earth asteroids, space tourism, orbital fuel depots, telecom sats, space casinos, offworld banking, and so much more. By the late 1990’s, the idea of people working and even living in space is still exciting, but it’s also pretty damn normal now.
With all these launches, plus material being extracted from Luna and near-Earth asteroids, I think it's perfectly feasible for there to be a few Stanford Toruses, and at least one O'Neill Cylinder, under construction in Earth orbit by '99. And as launch costs continue to plummet, expect the scale of humanity's ambitions to only escalate.
And these are just the launch sites on Earth. I don't even know how many orbital launch facilities there'd be by this point - huge space stations building truly-massive vessels in zero-g with all those resources we're shooting up on what I imagine is a daily or even hourly basis; ships like those, built and fueled in orbit, would undoubtedly be able to reach Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Main Belt and Jupiter with relative ease. And everything I've stated here will only continue to grow at a geometric rate as more of the Solar System's resources are harnessed, spaceflight costs continue to drop, and technology continues to improve. And we’re not talking about Overheaven’s current year, which isn’t actually 1999.
It’s 2185.
Oh, right. Here's the list:
United States of America:
Cape Kennedy Space Center (Merritt Island, Florida)
Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport (Delmarva Peninsula, Virginia)
John Glenn Memorial Spaceport (Matagorda Island, Texas)
Southwestern Regional Spaceport (Roswell, New Mexico)
White Sands Launch Center (White Sands, New Mexico) Datil Launch Center (Datil, New Mexico)
Yuma Spaceport (Yuma, Arizona)
Keweenaw Spaceport (Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan)
John Bardeen Memorial Launch Center (Sheboygan, Wisconsin)
Mojave Spaceport (Mojave, California)
Vanderberg Space Center (Lompoc, California)
Oklahoma Spaceport (Burn Flats, Oklahoma)
Kodiak Launch Complex (Kodiak Island, Alaska)
Stockton Space Center (Stockton, Arizona)
Lone Star Space Center (Van Horn, Texas)
Coleman Launch Center (Sea Dragon launch facility located between Tutuila island and Manu’a island, American Samoa)
Johnston Space Center (Johnston Atoll, Pacific Ocean)
Sarigan Launch Center (Sairgan, Northern Marianas Islands)
Reagan Launch Center (Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands)
Poseidon (privately-operated mobile sea-launch platform in the Gulf of Mexico)
Ocean Odyssey Launch Complex (privately-operated mobile sea-launch platform in the Pacific Ocean)
Union of Soviet Sovereign Republics:
Baikonur Cosmodrome (Baikonur, Star City)
Tereshkova Cosmodrome (Zapovednoye, Primorsky Krai, Far Eastern SSR)
Vostochny Cosmodrome (Tsiolkovsky, Amur Oblast, Far Eastern SSR)
Okhotsk Cosmodrome (Okhotsk, Khabarovsk Krai, Far Eastern SSR)
Sarishagan Cosmodrome (Priozersk, Karaganda Oblast, Kazakh SSR)
Nyonoksa Cosmodrome (Severodvinsk, Archangelsk Oblast, Russian SSR)
Plesetsk Cosmodrome (Mirny, Archangelsk Oblast, Russian SSR)
Kapustin Yar Cosmodrome (Znamensk, Astrakhan Oblast, Russian SSR)
Isakov Cosmodrome (mobile sea-launch platform in the Indian Ocean, currently 960 miles off the coast of Sri Lanka)
European Space Agency/European Union:
Guiana Space Center (Kourou, French Guiana)
Archimedes Launch Center (Syracuse, Sicily, Italy)
Nuka Hiva Space Center (Marquises, French Polynesia)
Touamotu Space Center (Rairoa, French Polynesia)
Fort-Dauphin Space Center (Tôlanaro, Republic of Madagascar)
Borglio Space Center (offshore platform off the coast of Kenya, administered by Italy)
Koroni Launch Center (Messenia, Greece)
Salto di Quirra Spaceport (Sardinia, Italy)
Cuxhaven Launch Center (Cuxhaven, Germany)
Ile du Levant Launch Center (Iles d’Hyeres, France)
El Arenosillo Spaceport (Mazagon, Spain)
Svalbard Space Center (Ny-Alesund, Svalbard, Norway) (northern-most spaceport in the world)
Andøya Space Center (Andøya, Norway)
Esrange Launch Center (Kiruna, Sweden)
Oberth-Barre Launch Center (Bangoli, Orientale Province, Zaire)
OTRAG Launch Center (North Sheba, Katanga Province, Zaire) (privately-operated spaceport, under German/EU jurisdiction)
People’s Republic of China:
Dongfeng Aerospace City (Ejin Banner, Inner Mongolia)
Hotan Aerospace City (Hotan, Xinjiang)
Xichang Launch Center (Liangshan, Sichuan)
Wenchang Launch Center (Wenchang, Hainan)
Taiyaun Launch Center (Xinzhou, Shanxi)
Taiwan (Republic of China):
Sanxiantai Launch Center (Sanxiantai, Taitung)
Haiqian Launch Center (Manzhou, Pingtung)
Republic of Bulgaria:
Smrikite Cosmodrome (Varna Province)
Republic of Hong Kong and Macau:
Stanley Ho Space Center (Tai Chau Island, New Territories) (part of the Commonwealth Space Program)
Islamic Republic of Pakistan:
Sonmiani Launch Center (Las Bela, Balochistan)
Tilla Launch Center (Jhelum, Punjab)
Federative Republic of Brazil:
Barreira do Inferno Launch Center (Parnamirim, Rio Grande do Norte)
Praia do Cassino Launch Center (Rio Grande do Sul)
Alcântara Spaceport (Alcântara, Maranhão)
Belém Spaceport (Vigia, Para)
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland:
Sutherland Spaceport (Caithness and Sutherland, Highland, Scotland) (part of the Commonwealth Space Program)
South Uist Space Center (South Uist, Outer Hebrides, Scotland) (part of the Commonwealth Space Program)
Newquay Space Center (Newquay, Cornwall, England) (part of the Commonwealth Space Program)
Ascension Launch Center (Unicorn Point, Ascension Island, South Atlantic) (part of the Commonwealth Space Program)
Diego Garcia Launch Center (Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory) (part of the Commonwealth Space Program)
Federal Republic of Romania:
Costinești Space Center (Constanta County)
Republic of Colombia:
Soledad Launch Center (Caquetá Department) (jointly-operated with the United States)
Commonwealth of Nations/Commonwealth Space Program:
Mount Kenya Space Center (Nyeri County, Republic of Kenya)
Kilimanjaro Space Center (Kilimanjaro Region, United Republic of Tanzania)
Gan Launch Center (Gan, Addu Atoll, Maldives) (jointly-operated by the Commonwealth and India)
Commonwealth of Australia:
Woomera Space Center (Woomera, South Australia) (part of the Commonwealth Space Program)
Darwin Space Center (Darwin, Northern Territory) (part of the Commonwealth Space Program)
Carnarvon Space Center (Carnarvon, Western Australia) (part of the Commonwealth Space Program)
Manus Space Center (Manus Island, Admiralty Islands, Papua New Guinea) (part of the Commonwealth Space Program)
Weipa Launch Center (Mission River, Cape York, Queensland) (part of the Commonwealth Space Program)
Christmas Island Space Center (South Point, Christmas Island) (jointly-operated by Australia and Japan)
Spaceport Valhalla (offshore privately-run launch platform off the coast of East Timor)
State of Japan:
Tanegashima Space Center (Tanegashima Island, Kagoshima)
Uchinoura Space Center (Kimotsuki, Kagoshima)
Akita Satellite Launch Center (Akita, Tohoku)
Obachi Satellite Launch Center (Rokkasho, Aomori)
Okinotorishima Space Center (Okinotori Reef) (a very large launch platform built atop a coral reef, mostly so Tokyo can thumb their nose at an EEZ dispute with China and Taiwan, increasingly growing into a small city in the middle of the Pacific Ocean)
Ryori Space Center (Iwate, Tohoku)
Watatsumi Launch Platform (very large mobile sea-launch platform in the south Pacific Ocean, currently 100 miles off the coast of Baker Island, USA)
Asada Goryu Space Center (Wuvulu Island, Bismarck Archipelago, New Guinea)
New Zealand:
Birdling’s Flat Launch Center (Canterbury, South Island) (part of the Commonwealth Space Program)
Mahia Launch Center (Hawke’s Bay, North Island) (part of the Commonwealth Space Program)
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia:
Morava Spaceport (Lađevci, Republic of Šumadija)
Imperial State of Iran:
Qom Space Center (Qom Province)
Emamshahr Space Center (Semnan Province)
Semnan Spaceport (Semnan Province)
Republic of Algeria:
Hammaguir Space Center (Hammaguir, Abadla District) (originally built by the French, abandoned in the 60’s, brought back online by the Algerian government in the 80’s)
West Indies Federation:
Barbados Space Center (Kitridge Point, Barbados) (part of the Commonwealth Space Program)
St. Margaret Space Center (St. Margaret, Trinidad & Tobago) (part of the Commonwealth Space Program)
Mabaruma Space Center (Mabaruma, Barima-Waini, Guyana) (part of the Commonwealth Space Program)
State of Israel:
Albert Einstein Space Center (Hasna, Sinai Peninsula, Israel) (recently launched a Palestinian-designed satellite into orbit as a sign of goodwill)
Socialist Republic of Vietnam:
Phạm Tuân Launch Center (Hon Khaoi Island) (jointly operated with USSR)
Riau Space Center (Padang, Riau Island)
Ahmad Shah Space Center (Larapan Island, Sabah)
Republic of India:
Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala)
Satish Dhawan Space Centre (Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh)
Abdul Kalam Space Centre (Bhubaneswar, Odisha)
Churchill Space Center (Churchill, Manitoba) (part of the Commonwealth Space Program)
Primrose Lake Launch Center (Cold Lake, Alberta) (part of the Commonwealth Space Program)
Maritime Launch Center (Canso, Nova Scotia) (part of the Commonwealth Space Program)
Cape Breton Spaceport (Cape Breton, Nova Scotia) (part of the Commonwealth Space Program)
Grand Turk Space Center (Grand Turk Island, Turks and Caicos, Canada) (part of the Commonwealth Space Program)
Dominican Republic:
Las Terrenas Space Center (Las Terrenas, Samaná Province) (jointly-operated with the United States)
People’s Democratic Republic of South Yemen:
Qahtan Muhammad al-Shaabi Launch Center (offshore platform off the coast of Socotra) (jointly-operated with the USSR)
Republic of Ecuador:
Puerto Quito Launch Center (Pichincha Province) (jointly-operated with the United States)
Republic of Poland:
Łeba-Rąbka Spaceport (Pomeranian Voivodeship)
Blizna Spaceport (Podkarpackie Voivodeship)
Republic of the Philippines:
Clark Freeport and Special Economic Zone (Clark Field, Metro Manilla)
Lambajon Launch Center (Lambajon, Mindanao) (built with Japanese investment in the 1970’s, recently came under joint Japanese-Filipino administration)
Republic of Cuba:
Juventud Spaceport (Cayo San Juan, Isla de la Juventud, Cuba) (operated jointly with the USSR)
Republic of Chile:
Isla San Felix Launch Center (Isla San Felix)
Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya:
Libyan People’s Space City (Sabha, Fezzan)
Korean Federation:
Tonghae Spaceport (Musudan, North Hamyong) (originally built by the DPRK in the 80’s)
Anhueng Spaceport (Hoengseong County, Gangwon Province)
Naro Space Center (Goheung County, South Jeolla Province)
Iraqi Republic:
Babylon Space City (Al-Anbar region) (jointly operated by the Iraqi and Syrian governments; operates Tammouz rockets for manned launches and Project Babylon super-guns for satellites)
United Mexican States:
Sierra de Jaurez Launch Center (Sierra de Juarez, Baja California)
Alcubierre Spaceport (Laguna Tamiahua, Veracruz)
Puerto Bravo Launch Center (Puerto Bravo, Quintana Roo)
Republic of Singapore:
Changi Spaceport (Changi, Singapore)
Republic of Zaire:
Mbandaka Spaceport (Bamanya, Equateur Province)
Republic of Indonesia:
Motorai Launch Center (Motorai Island, North Maluku)
Biak Launch Center (Biak Island, West Papua)
Enggano Launch Center (Enggano Island, Bengkulu)
Republic of Argentina:
CELPA (El Chamical, La Roja Province)
Felix Aguilar Launch Center (Pampa de Achala, Cordoba Province)
San Martin Launch Center (Mar Chiquita, Buenos Aires Province)
Marambio Launch Center (Marambio Base, Antarctica) (southern-most spaceport in the world)
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:
King Khalid Spaceport (Tabuk, Tabuk Province)
Al Haddar Spaceport (Al Haddar, Riyadh Province)
Apartheid South Africa:
Denel Overberg Launch Centre (Agulhas, Cape Province)
Walvis Bay Launch Centre (Swakopmund, Southwest Africa)
Aquarius Mobile Launch Platform (mobile sea-launch platform in the Atlantic Ocean, 894 miles off the coast of Liberia)
Jan Smuts Launch Centre (St. Lucia, Natal)
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On This Date In California Weather History (September 11)

2017: Some deep tropical moisture associated with a fairly strong upper level shortwave pushed into central California on September 11th and produced a severe thunderstorm outbreak during the afternoon and evening. Numerous reports of downburst winds exceeding 60 mph were reported and the impacts form these thunderstorms included downed power lines, damage to roofs; and large objects being knocked over and damaged. Rainfall amounts were generally a quarter of an inch or less with a few locations in the Southern Sierra Nevada and Tehachapi Mountains receiving between a quarter inch and a half inch of rain. APRS station 5WSW Firebaugh reported a 59 mph wind gust from a thunderstorm. A dairy farm south of Hanford had several barns with extensive roof damage from thunderstorm winds.
8 telephone poles were downed on Jackson Ave. near 9th Ave. south of Hanford.
A tree fell onto a vehicle near the intersection of 13th Ave. and Houston Ave. near Hanford.
A microburst downed 30 powerlines in Mendota.
8 miles west of Caruthers a chicken barn was blown down by thunderstorm downburst outflow winds.
In Corcoran thunderstorm winds produced damage to a house and snapped several trees. Beams from a wood fence were snapped from from concrete support and shingles were blown off of a roof.
There were reports of nickel-sized hail in Corcoran. There were several trees down on northbound State Route 99 just south of the State Route 190 interchange.
Lightning struck a house near Hanford High School. A Weather Service forecaster providing onsite support at the Pier Fire reported penny sized hail at Pierpoint Springs.
2012: A stationary thunderstorm brought persistent, heavy rain to Mecca.
3"-5" of rain fell in just a couple hours (more than a year’s worth). Floodwaters damaged a school, a mobile home park and several orchards.
2012: On the afternoon of September 11, 2012 thunderstorms producing heavy rainfall moved across much of the Las Vegas Valley. Rainfall rates of a half-inch to nearly eight-tenths of an inch in 30 minutes resulted in significant and in some cases devastating flash flooding. A total of 1.18" of rain was measured by the automated weather station at McCarran International Airport. This set an all-time record for a calendar day for the month of September. Automated weather stations operated by the Clark County Regional Flood Control District as well as Mesonet weather stations, cooperative observers and spotter reports showed the heaviest rain fell in several areas. 1"-2" of rain fell in northern portions of Summerlin, NV, in and just south of downtown Las Vegas, NV, along Flamingo Road and Tropicana Avenue from near Interstate 15 to near Mojave Road and in southeast Henderson, NV. The highest total reported was 2.09" at an automated station operated by the Clark County Regional Flood Control District near Swenson Avenue and Flamingo Road by the Tropicana Wash. According to local media reports, at least 50 vehicle rescues took place throughout the Las Vegas Valley by Clark County Firefighters. 40 of these were swiftwater rescues. The largest number of rescues was 15 near the intersection of Sloan and Sahara with one rescue done by helicopter. Roadway flooding was extensive with several inches to several feet of flowing water reported on many roads especially in the central and eastern parts of the Las Vegas Valley. Interstate 215 was closed from Interstate 15 to Eastern Avenue after intense rainfall washed large amounts of mud and rocks onto the highway from nearby landscaping along the side of the road. This also resulted in the Airport Connector to McCarran International Airport being closed. The Charleston Underpass flooded for the first time since extensive construction work was done to mitigate this once flood-prone area back in the mid-2000s. The worst impacted area though was near the Desert Rose Golf Course. At least 45 homes were flooded mainly on and near Walton Heath Avenue. Most of these homes suffered extensive damage to their lowest level with many people loosing furniture and appliances. In some cases the force of floodwaters busted through concrete walls. Numerous vehicles in this area were flooded and some were floated 300 to 400 feet. Three dogs drowned to death that lived in one house. In addition, a worker at the Desert Rose Golf Course was swept away by the floodwaters from his tractor around 4:22 PM PDT on September 11th. His body was found dead two days later about two and a half miles away.

2011: Small hail was reported at Bodfish and Lake Isabella as was street flooding which was also reported in Kernville.
2011: Monsoonal thunderstorms brought flooding to Downtown Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Strip. A rain gauge in Downtown Las Vegas recorded 0.98" of rain in about 20 minutes. Water ponded up over curbs of streets from Downtown Las Vegas to North Las Vegas. Several inches of water flooded the Circus Circus Adventuredome. The parking lot at the Cannery Casino in North Las Vegas was flooded.... with some cars partially underwater. A few inches of water also entered part of the casino and movie theater.
2008: The Cascadel Fire began on this date in the Sierra National Forest at 2000 PST. The cause was human, from target shooting. The location was 3 miles East-Northeast of North Fork in Madera County. It burned 280 acres and was contained on September 17 at 1700 PST. There were no fatalities or properties damaged. The cost to containment was $3,100,000.
2008: A thunderstorm produced strong outflow winds measured at 67 mph in La Quinta. Another thunderstorm produced golf ball sized hail in Ranchita.
2004: The Nehouse Fire 25 miles east of North Fork in Madera County burned 204 acres. Its cause was human in origin but no fatalities,injuries, or structures-lost occurred.
2004: Severe thunderstorms in Borrego Springs produced one inch hail that broke windows. Strong winds gusted to 60 mph before the anemometer was destroyed, and knocked down six power poles. Training thunderstorms over Johnson Valley produced severe flash flooding. Hwy. 247 was washed out in numerous sections. Minor damage to homes occurred and 12 vehicles were trapped. In La Quinta, 138 trees were knocked down at one golf course with damage to a building. More trees fell down at other golf courses. Roof tiles were blown off. Damage occurred to power poles and transformers.
2004: The China Fire began on this date 15 miles southwest of Lake Isabella in Kern County. This suspiciously-caused fire burned 314 acres but there were no fatalities, injuries, or structures-lost.
2001: On this date 19 hijackers seized 4 U.S. commercial jetliners on the East Coast and flew two aircraft into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City destroying them, one aircraft into the Pentagon Building near Washingon, DC, causing severe damage, and one was destined for another target in the Washington, DC, area (either the White House or the U.S. Capitol Building) but the passengers resisted and the hijackers crashed the plane near Shanksville, PA. In all, nearly 3,000 people were killed and civilian air traffic into, out of, and within the United States was grounded for days afterwards.
1998: Severe thunderstorms pounded the Las Vegas Valley and Lake Mead for a few hours producing golf ball size hail, a small tornado and widespread flash flooding. Large hail began falling shortly before 11 am PST and numerous hail reports came in for the next couple hours with some episodes causing damage to several automobiles. A small tornado tore the roof off a Henderson, NV, warehouse and destroyed a large block wall at a service station a short distance away. Heavy rain fell mainly on the east side of the metro area with amounts up to 1.85" in a two hour period. As a result flash flooding filled streets and washes and trapped several motorists although no serious injuries occurred. The heavy rain damaged about one acre of the 750 acre Sunrise Landfill and carried significant amounts of debris into the Las Vegas, NV, wash. The Clark County School District activated the "shelter-in-place" policy for school children at approximately 30 schools around the area. Children were not bused home until after flooding had subsided.
1990: It was 117° F in Borrego Springs, the highest temperature on record for September. This also occurred the previous day on 9.10.
1983: Half Moon Bay had a high of 94° F -- a record for the month.
1982: The morning low temperature at Reno, NV was a chilly 29° F.
1976: Record rains that started on 9.9 ended on 9.12 came from Tropical Storm Kathleen (called a 160+ year event by meteorologists). 14.76" fell on south slopes of Mt. San Gorgonio, 10.13" at Mt. Laguna, 8" at Mt. San Jacinto, 4"+ in the Little San Bernardino Mountains, and 1.8"-2.8" in the Coachella Valley. Deep Canyon (above La Quinta) recorded 2.96" in three hours on 9.10. Rainfall in the Santa Rosa Mountains above the Coachella Valley was called the a heaviest in recorded history. 6 were buried and killed in sand in Ocotillo. Floods of record were attained at numerous streams around the Coachella Valley. 1.84" of rain fell in Riverside on this day, 2.09" fell in Borrego Springs, 2.33" fell in Victorville, 2.57" fell in Idyllwild, and 5" fell in Palomar Mountain, each the greatest daily amounts on record for September. The Victorville amount is also the third highest daily amount on record. This occurred during the El Nino of 1976-77. Hurricane Kathleen also brought the southwest the highest sustained winds ever associated with an eastern Pacific tropical cyclone with sustained winds of 57 mph at Yuma on 9.10.
1976: The remains of Hurricane Kathleen move across Baja and into southern California near El Centro. With its circulation still intact, tropical storm force winds produce considerable damage in Yuma. Sustained winds exceed 50 mph, and gust as high as 76 mph in Yuma, AZ. One man is killed as a 75 foot palm tree crashes onto his mobile home. Severe flooding occurs in Mohave county.
1971: It was 100° F in Palomar Mountain, the highest temperature on record. This occurred on eight other occasions.
1960: North northwestward moving Hurricane Estelle dissipated west of the central Baja California coast from 9.9 to this day. On this day a thunderstorm hit the area east of Lucerne Valley. The resulting flash flood was four feet deep and washed out a section of road, stranding several vehicles east of Lucerne Valley.
1952: Chilliest morning in three day stretch from the 10th through 12th in Fresno; record lows were set each on morning and all still stand to this day. Low of 44° F on this date is the earliest 45° F or lower reading on record in Fresno.
1939: 4"of rain fell across the deserts and mountains as a dying tropical cyclone moved across Baja California into southwestern Arizona on this day and on 9.12. This was the second tropical cyclone to impact California during the busy month of September 1939. A strong El Nino contributed to the activity.
1939: The remnants from the second of three tropical cyclones to affect the southwestern U.S. in one month floods homes in Eldorado Canyon, roads in the California Wash near Glendale and washed out parts of Charleston Blvd. near Rancho Blvd. in Las Vegas, NV.
1888: Fresno set an all-time record high of 111° F for the month of September. This is also the latest in the season that Fresno has had a high temperature of 110° or better.
Source: NWS San Francisco/Monterey, Hanford, Reno, Las Vegas, Phoenix, & San Diego
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"I Don't See The Point in Remaking This Movie" - Why The Constant /r/Movies Whining of Remakes is Pathetic

Let's settle this eternal /movies struggle right now. Remakes can be fucking awesome, and bad movies will always exist regardless of them being original or derivative material.
Condescending tone incoming.
...are just some of the remakes that enjoyed critical success. Some of those are remakes of great movies, too. Regardless of your opinion, which is 100% irrelevant here, they all were successful critically. RottenTomatoes is the source here.
Statement #1 - "I Don't See the Point In Remaking This Movie"
Now, you personally can't "see the point" in remaking a movie? The simpleminded reply is "money," which should be so painfully obvious that statements like "I don't see the point" should never be uttered. Money, as an answer, is only the reason from the Studio perspective, because movies are a business, no matter how starry-eyed you are about how everyone should get the chance to tell their story. If it's not something the Studio thinks they can make money on, the movie will not be made. Filmmakers want to tell the stories. The Studios make it happen when it's a safe bet.
The Coen Brothers probably didn't have dollar signs in their eyes when they set out to remake True Grit (or, to cut hairs finer, "re-image the book"). They liked the book and wanted to make their own version. That would be their point to remaking it. That's usually the point to remakes. Just like theater performances changing casts and directors every year, some filmmakers want a shot to do their own version of known source material. Maybe they looked at it and said "I can make this better," or maybe they looked at it and said "I love this movie, but today's audience won't watch it and I want to bring the feeling of this movie to today's audience, by way of updating its production to today's standards." Also, I'm sure, because there are no absolutes - someone has said "I want to remake this because I know the Studio will let me and I'll get to buy a bigger boat." However, considering how grueling it is to make a movie, typically directors/writers and producing teams don't spend a year on something they don't like. But it happens. Do you think John August really cared about the characters in Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle?
So, "I don't see the point" could be rephrased as "I can't think of a reason" and, combined with its condescending tone, could probably work being reworded as "This is stupid because I can't imagine it being good," which I like to re-word in my head as "I don't have the imagination to consider how to improve that movie."
And let's face it - if Rocky 6 can be loved by critics and audiences, anything can be made into a good movie.
Statement #2 "People are just too stupid to read subtitles"
OMG they're remaking Oldboy!!! omg why!! Can't people just read subtitles!?!
The highest grossing (domestic) foreign language movie of all time was 13 years ago, and it grossed more than double the #2 spot - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. It made $128m in 2000 dollars, which is $173m in today's money. That's almost how much Sandra Bullock's "The Heat" has made, and it didn't take universal critical praise & 10 Oscar nominations. In short, foreign films aren't popular in the United States financially. Audiences don't like reading their movies. You can act elite about it and snub your nose at the peons who prefer their movies in a language they can understand, but you'd be acting rather silly. Until China surpasses us as the leader in box office, subtitles are not a financially good move for American audiences.
Full disclaimer: some of my favorite films of all time are in foreign languages. In no way shape or form would I ever try to argue against watching foreign movies. Let me make this perfectly clear: I'm only stating that it's preferred that the movies are in the native language, and that criticizing people for not wanting to watch a foreign film is pointless. Nearly every single one of you out there reading this right now would prefer your movie to be in your native language. I'm sure there's going to be some desperate arguers trying to tell me how it's part of the charm that a movie is in a foreign film, I don't care. If the world was only one language, and you grew up watching all of your movies in one language, you would never say "Oh man, you know what I wish they'd do? Make a movie that we can't understand and have to read the whole time."
Subtitles are distracting.
  • Instead of reading faces, you're focusing on the bottom of the screen. This gets really irritating in foreign films with quick cuts and fast talking.
  • Instead of appreciating the acting nuances, you're seeing the words in a limited dimension. Sure you can tell the actor is mad as he screams in Japanese, however if he's playing around with words like Heath Ledger did in The Dark Knight, you won't notice or appreciate it.
  • Cultural references get lost. First example that popped into my head is that the German expression for "blowjob" is blasen, but their words for "Blood & Kidney Tea" is Blasenoder Nierentee
So, in the movie Knocking on Heaven's Door, Til Schweiger says to a nurse:
Koennen sie mir einen blasen [aka "Nurse, can you give me a blowjob"] 
but then adds...
...oder Nierentee bringen [turning it into "Nurse, can you bring me a bladder-kidney tea?"] 
I forget what the English subtitles were, but clearly it wasn't blowjob-morphing-into-bladder tea. Wasn't that explanation fun? Don't you wish had to go through more of that to understand what they're saying in foreign movies? (this is sarcasm)
Statement #3 "This remake/reimagining/adaptation is ruining my childhood"
Just... no. This requires no explanation.
  • Remakes can be awesome, and some of the more enjoyable movies you've seen are remakes.
  • Subtitles aren't liked by American audiences, and not liking subtitles is a valid complaint for movie goers.
  • Movies released when you're an adult can't ruin your fucking childhood you stupid crybaby.
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Fallout: Arizona (Act 1 - Part 4)

Act 1: Intro/California
Part 4 – Sunrise
“Are you seeing this?”
Yes, thought Haywood, but she could scarcely believe it. They had camped overnight at the old junction on the All-American canal, so as to have the morning sun on their side in case Legion soldiers remained in Sunrise. They made their way down the Araz road and the settlement's namesake revealed the unending horror. The irony was not lost on her.
For over a mile along the side of the road stood wooden crosses, each affixed with a person - the settlers of Sunrise. There were so many that Haywood believed that there could be no one left to account for. She periodically checked for life signs from every few crosses, but all were still. For a moment, Haywood thought that perhaps it wasn't a raid at all: just a cruel slaughter.
“Have you noticed something?” Enquired Fernandez.
Apart from a road of death, what else was there to notice, she thought.
“They're all men.”
Fernandez was right. Haywood had yet caught on to this. Men, on every cross. Some as young as teenagers, and the elderly too, accompanied with every age in between. No women and no children. Haywood felt fear, she was not immune to it, but she had seen enough not to suffer from the feeling too often. This was something else - a sign of things to come.
“Come on. Let's check the town.”
There was not much to see. Every building had been burned to the ground. The fires had expired and apart from the odd smouldering bit of wood, the skies were clear.
“Well, now what?”
Fernandez's question was more than pertinent. They had orders to pursue Ungala, but on the understanding that they'd be able to acquire some information from the settlers and track him into Arizona. Haywood was at a loss.
A deep booming voice came from behind. Their instinct took over and they aimed their weapons as they reeled around. The first thought from Haywood was that this was either someone who was very stupid, or who had never seen an NCR Ranger before. Yet, the moment she saw the individual whose voice it belonged to she dropped her guard.
Facing her was a monstrous humanoid: scaly and green – a Super Mutant. She had seen them before, but the majority had left the NCR many years ago, after the defeat of the Master - the leader of the initial Super Mutant scourge. However, the ones who had remained in the Republic were always friendly, well-mannered, and intelligent. This, added to the fact that a bullet would most likely merely aggravate the beast, was the determinant factors in her signal to Fernandez that she lowers her gun.
“Yeah, NCR Rangers.”
“You're late.”
“What happened here?”
“Legion. They came from over the river. Killed all the men. Took the women and children.”
“Why only take the women and children?”
“They raise the children: males become soldiers, females will replace their mothers as slaves and child bearers.”
Haywood felt sick. She didn't understand. She knew raiders could commit despicable acts against women, but they usually had women in their ranks. She knew that even in the NCR some fathers were not fit to bear the name, but women were revered in their society. The first NCR President was a woman, an idol to Haywood and to so many other females in the Republic. And now, these people were rewriting everything. Well, not on her watch.
“Which way did they go?”
“Back across the river.”
“Do you know where?”
“No, although if you're planning on going after them, I request to join you.”
“Captain, we can't take a mutie. No offence.”
“No offence taken, but I can look after myself. Also, I may have something you want to see.”
With that, the mutant turned and walked away without a word.
“I guess we should follow it.”
Haywood agreed. They walked alongside the lumbering juggernaut, flanking it on either side.
“Who are you?” Asked Haywood.
“My name is Gabby.”
“Yes. Well, that's what they call me. The humans that lived here.”
“Why?” Fernandez interjected.
“I believe it's ironic. A title that conveys to be very talkative, but I'm usually a woman of very few words.”
“Yes, before I became a Super Mutant I was a woman, I believe. It was so long ago it's hard to remember.”
“And you lived here?”
“Yes, I suppose they thought I would make useful protection for the town.”
“Some good that did them.” Snorted Fernandez.
The mutant paused and faced Fernandez, who recoiled slightly.
“I dismembered five of their members before they decided I was not worth the effort. Would you like to find out how useful I am in a fight?”
The mutant briefly stared the ghoul down, then continued onwards. Haywood smiled to Fernandez.
“Never seen you that scared.”
“What about that time that man came onto me in Dayglow?”
They re-joined the mutant.
“My name is Captain Haywood, this is Sergeant Fernandez.”
“It is a pleasure to meet you.”
“Why are you so keen to join us?”
“I feel I owe these people. The Legion must pay for their crimes. I would have gone after them myself, but that would have been suicide even for a Super-Mutant.”
“You know of the Legion?”
“Oh yes, I have been east. Seen what they do. They are not so kind to mutants, and ghouls too if you weren't aware. So, I came back west and settled here.”
“You said that we were late. Were you expecting us?”
“I suppose. I was under the impression that the NCR was aware that a large Legion slaver party had camped across the river.”
“Why would you say that?”
“The settlers here may not be aware of how brutal the Legion can be, but when you see fires burning across the river, I'm assuming a messenger would have been sent for help.”
“We received no word, as far as I know.”
“Then the settlers here must have thought they could deal with the Legion themselves.”
“Don't you know?”
“I may be accepted here, but I'm not exactly privy to the decisions of the council.”
Haywood reflected on her discussion with the Agent from yesterday. It had been bothering her for some time that Christiansen had said that they had possible identification of the Legion leader, but they couldn't confirm, or perhaps were willing to divulge, if Sunrise had been attacked. Yet, if they did know of the attack, then why send them to check? Unless…
“He knew.”
“Who?” Asked Fernandez.
“Christiansen, not sure about Merritt. He told me during the meeting that they wanted Sunrise to join the Republic. So, they must have tracked the Legion raiding party across the river, knew that they were going to attack, but waited for Sunrise to ask for their help. Sunrise meanwhile knew this would set a precedent and lead to annexation, or they were just stubborn. Meanwhile, HQ hear no word of an attack, they don't even check until they've sent us. Either they want to disregard it, lest they get blamed for leaving it unprotected, or maybe they thought that the Legion decided not to attack. Whatever the case, they choose to ignore it until we told them about Vitus. Then they had no choice but to send the only ones who knew, and at the same time, we could do their dirty work by killing Ungala.”
“Vitus?” Asked the mutant.
“Yes, he was a legion scout we ran into the other day.”
“Funny you should say that…”
They had reached the Yuma Crossing Bridge on the Colorado River, still standing although a shadow of its former self. The river before them was calm, dividing the new ruins of Sunrise and the old ruins of Yuma on the opposite bank.
“It's very nice and all but why are we here? Fernandez questioned.
“A man came through here yesterday. He was dressed in Legion uniform. He calls himself Vitus.”
“Where is he?”
“Down there.”
The mutant pointed towards the shore on their side of the river bank. Vitus was submerged in the shallows of the river, his upper torso and head above the water line. He was still and bowed over slightly.
“He's still alive. I found him weeping in the Sunrise ruins. Never seen a man of the Legion cry. I had half a mind to take his head, but I thought he could prove useful for interrogation. He offered little resistance. I tied him up and fastened a stone to his feet casting him into shallows. I said that if he didn't talk then the river would take him. I still don't think he's realised that the Colorado has no tide.”
“Has he talked?”
“Yes, plenty. He says that he's on my side. Says he's trying to rescue a friend.”
“Then I think it's time we had a little chat with our new friend.”
Vitus trembled next to the fire they had constructed near the ruins of Sunrise. Gabby stood behind him, supervising his movements in case he made any attempt to escape. Haywood took a seat next to him and handed him a flask. He looked at it quizzically.
“New Republic whiskey. It'll warm you up.”
After taking a long sip, he spluttered heavily before finding his composure.
“I'm sorry I drugged you both. I didn't know if you would let me go.”
Vitus spoke softly and carefully. His sentences were sometimes broken, but his words always articulate.
“Best night's sleep I've had in years.” Joked Fernandez.
“Let's start at the beginning, Vitus. Tell me everything you know.”
Vitus handed the flask back to Haywood. He brushed his hair back.
“Many summers ago, before I was Legion, a man came to my village. His name was Peter Lowell. He was a kind and learned man. He came from a tribe, or um what you call group? Called the Followers.”
“The Followers of the Apocalypse?”
“Yes. He said he was there to look at the broken wall: the dam in the River of Souls. But instead, he stayed with us for two summers. The Elders did not like him living in the village as he was outsider, so, he lived in a cave above the river. We youngsters liked him.”
He paused briefly.
“Walks-Among-the-Stars especially, she spent much time with him.”
“Sorry, walk where?”
“No, her name. Her name is Walks-Among-the-Stars. It is a tribal name. She is the last of… my old tribe - The Painted Rocks.”
“If she's from your tribe, how come she's the last?”
“I am Legion. Only Legion. That is the way it is and must be.”
“Okay, go on.” Haywood gestured for him to continue.
“Peter taught her much about his knowledge, and she taught him about our ways. But when the Legion came, they killed him along with the elders and many of our warriors. I was taken but she hid. After a time, I left the Legion, not for good, but as a speculatore, I am expected to be gone for many months, so I returned to my old village. I found her in Peter's cave. She thought I meant her harm, but I was just happy to see her alive. I would visit her as often as I could, but she is strong, stronger than me, a survivor, and she knows much. If my brothers could only see how much she knows, but they would kill her, so I kept her secret. Every time she would tell me of what she had learned, none of it I understood. The last time though, she told me she had broke the password. On those windows.”
“The box windows, with words.”
“I think he’s referring to a terminal.” Gabby suggested.
“Yes, on this terminal she heard Peter's voice. I have it… or I did.”
He looked up to Gabby.
“He has a holodisk in his bag. I have it here.”
Gabby handed the bag to Haywood.
“Okay, I'll listen to it later. Carry on.”
“I do not understand it, but she said it could save the Legion. She said that she needed to get over the great river. That she needed my help. How could I refuse her? But it would mean I would have to betray my brothers. I thought maybe I could bring her here and then return to my brothers.”
“How can you stand being with those people?” Snarled Fernandez.
“They are my family. I have become a great speculatore. I find many places for them. I found a place of the old world north of here and I found this place.”
He fell silent.
“I remembered this place and brought her here. But my brothers had already arrived. She gave me that message, in case we were separated. I tried to protect her, but they took her away. I escaped, but only just. I walked west.”
“I would die if I went east and I would be no good to her dead.”
He began to tear, looking up to the sky.
“What is your name?” He asked Haywood.
“You can call me Captain Haywood.”
“Do you have family Captain?”
“Yes, my parents live in Junktown.”
“And is your tribe – NCR - your family too?”
“NCR is my country. I love my country very much.”
“It is the same for me. Legion is my family, and I serve only them until death. But Walk-Among-the-Stars, she deserves to carry the name of the tribe. I will protect her even against my brothers. She believes in me. Without her, I would have forgotten my past. My tribe, my old life. I would be like my brothers, with only the Legion to serve. For this, she deserves to be free.”
“And what of the others Vitus? The women and children that were taken from here?”
“Many women are not like Stars, not like you. They are worse than dissolute. Degenerates. They live better as a slave.”
“Can I please shoot this guy?” Fernandez queried.
“Vitus, do you know where they may have taken your friend?”
“Yes. There is a great camp, a slave camp, in what they call Quartzsite. They will be taken there to be sold.”
“Do you know a man called Ungala? Ungala the Despoiler.”
Vitus' eyes narrowed on Haywood.
“Centurion Ungala. He is mighty, brave and one you do not want to fail. It was he who led the raid.”
“Would you recognise him if you saw him?”
“Of course, I have served him many times. He wears the face of a deathclaw…”
“Yes, I know.”
“But, I have failed him, he would kill me.”
“But if you take me to Quartzite, to Ungala, I can help rescue your friend.”
“Skipper…” Fernandez croaked.
“I suppose, but what of them?”
“They're coming with us.”
“They are not pure. If my brothers see them…”
“Let me worry about that. But listen to me Vitus: I will be in charge, do you understand?”
“Yes, I understand the principles of disciplinam.”
“But do you understand me?”
Vitus took his time before answering carefully.
“Yes, save my friend Captain and I will serve you loyally.”
“Okay, what about this tape…”
“It talks of the metal soldiers.”
“Metal soldiers? You mean robots?”
“I do not know, just that they are secret.”
Haywood studied the holodisk. Its distinctive orange colour was faded, but it was otherwise intact.
“Is there anywhere to play this?” Haywood asked the mutant. “Yes, there are terminals in the old prison across the way. In the museum.”
“Alright, Fernandez, keep an eye on Vitus. Gabby, keep an eye on Fernandez.”
Fernandez dispatched a curse Haywood's way as she journeyed to the longstanding prison. She entered through the ancient broken gates and past the old cells. She knew little of history but knew it must have served a similar purpose as the NCRCF's that held raiders and traitors throughout California. The museum had caved in partially and many of the items inside had been taken, most likely by the settlers of Sunrise. However, a terminal stood on a desk of the museum shop, useless for farmers and traders, but still running due to its internal atomic battery. She powered the old machine and loaded the disk into the drive. The disk crackled for a moment before activating and broadcasting the deep voice of a male:
“If you're listening to this Stars, then I am sorry. I am dead and I was never able to say goodbye. You must understand that I encrypted my terminal as I was unsure who may have had access. As you now know, the answer was in your name: stars, the sign you were born under. If I had made it any more obvious then this may have landed into the wrong hands.
I suppose I should start from the beginning: I left the Boneyard on behalf of the Followers on a journey into the Mojave Desert. My mission was to uncover the secrets of the great tower in the city that was once known as Las Vegas. From what I had learned, this tower – the Lucky 38 casino – was owned by Robert House, the pre-war genius and founder of Rob-Co industries. As a structural engineer, it was my task to find out how the building had avoided any signs of structural degradation in contrast to the skyscrapers of Boneyard that had long since collapsed. Traders and travellers spoke of the tower with mystery, but what I did not expect was to find the building occupied. House was alive. There was little contemporary information available but it was believed that he had perished in the Great War. Now, here he was, alive and well, with the secret of longevity, far more valuable than anything I would find on structural durability.
He was willing to trade his secret if I could retrieve something for him: a poker chip. He said that it could be found in the ruins of what was once called Sunnydale, and he offered me more caps than all the Water Merchants of the Hub. ‘Do this,’ he said, ‘and I will share Vegas with you.’ He wouldn't tell me anything more: what it was for, or even what it was exactly. House may be a genius, but his love of monetary wealth is his frailty. I assumed he was lying - an excuse to get rid of me.
So, I conducted my own research. Some of the operating systems he was using were old and easy to hack. I found information referring to a weather station on Fortification Hill near the old Hoover Dam. Inside was a vault of some sort. I deducted that this place may actually be where he was ‘housed’ if you excuse the pun. Inside could be the secret to everlasting life. Instead, I learnt that it contained an army: an undisclosed army of machines. With such an army, America could once again re-settled, and the marauders and slavers placated for good.
Despite my efforts, however, I was unable to open it. I had a plan though: the dam. If I could reroute power from the dam to the station, then maybe it may overload the blast doors protecting the inner sanctum, forcing them to open. Scavenging the ruins of Sunnydale back west for a mysterious chip was never in question, so I worked on optimising power output from the dam to the station. My understanding of hydraulic engineering was lacking, and only one turbine seemed operable. I would need more power.
I know I went out on a limb, alone into the wastes, but we Followers can be too restrained on our objectives sometimes. I found a map at Hoover that indicated all the dams in south-western America. I concluded that if I could find a dam in better condition, then maybe I could reroute power through the grid back to the station. If not, then at least I would learn more about turbine control and maintenance. The risk was worth the prize in the vault.
I made my way down the Colorado, examining the Parker, and then the Alamo on the Bill Williams, but both were breached. I headed deeper into Arizona, to the Painted Rock Dam. I should have known. Hoover was one of a kind. Painted Dam was merely a flood control dam. And what's more, it was also breached. I had navigated my way down the Colorado, avoiding lurks, raiders and deathclaws, but I didn't know the simple difference between pre-war dams.
That was two years ago, and here I remain. Your tribe fascinated me. Ferocious, but tactful. Traditional, but perceptive. Almost overnight I became more an anthropologist, and less so an engineer. The side project ultimately became my main focus. I may have learned nothing about dam's, but much about people. That rad-scorpion sting I got in the leg was the final factor in my decision and I abandoned my venture – there was no way I would make it back to the Mojave. I spent too much time on House's secrets of longevity, engineering, and robotics that I forgot about people. The Followers have always claimed to have the opposite goals of the Brotherhood of Steel and now I'm proving it.
I would have let go, but on my travels, I heard about the rise of the Legion. When Bill Calhoun returned, he warned us of their threat, but we didn't listen. Maybe this recording will prove to be a tragic irony, and that my death was a result of their arrival, but the risk is that many in the tribe would set out to find them if they knew of their existence, and would willingly join. If I am wrong, then I hope I did all I could to protect you and the tribe. But it also means that you must find a way to open that vault. I have taught you all I can, and on this terminal, you will find my notes. I don't know how or whether you can do it, but I believe in you. If necessary tell the NCR, the Followers, or even House. The Legion cannot know of this. With such an army, nothing will stop them.
I never had a daughter, or any family to speak of, but I consider you as the child I never had.
Peter Lowell, Follower of the Apocalypse.”
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Selling my entire blu ray collection of about 450 movies

I'll ship them in a crate or something if someone pays for shipping. And I'd like to sell the lot of them for 3000. 50/50 300 1408 127 Hours 13 Assassins 16 blocks 28 days later 30 days of night 3:10 to yuma A better tomorrow (Korean remake) adaptation the adjustment bureau tin tin the american american psycho american werewolf in london a history of violence A.I. Air America Air Force One Alien 1-4 Annie Hall Apocalypto Apollo 13 Appaloosa Arlington Road Assassination of Jesse James The A team Attack the block aviator avatar back to the future trilogy bad lieutenant: port of call new orleans the bank job batman begins the dark knight battle: los angeles beetlejuice be kind rewind beverly hills cop black dynamite black swan blade blade 2 Bangkock Knockout Blood the last vampire bonnie and clyde the boondock saints the book of eli blow blow out body of lies the bourne trilogy the brothers bloom bullitt butch cassidy and the sundance kid buried captain america cast away centurion changeling che parts 1 and 2 christmas vacation chronicle City slickers clear and present danger close encounters of the third kind collateral damage the color purple commando con air cop land constantine contagion the count of monte cristo cowboys and aliens crank crank 2 the crazies cyrus dances with wolves dark city the day after tomorrow day breakers days of heaven the deep demolition man the departed the decent dexter season 2 die hard 1, 3, 4 The disappearance of alice creed drag me to hell district 9 district b-13 1 and 2 dogma dog soldiers dogtooth doomsday drive from duck till dawn dumb and dumber eagle eye edge of darkness equilibrium elite squad 2 end of days eraser event horizon the exorcist the expendables extract fargo the frighteners the fifth element the fighter fist of legend fright night (remake) from hell the fugitive the fall falling down fast and the furious 4 & 5 fight club fish tank full metal jacket galaxyquest Game of thrones season 1 Gamer The Getaway Get Shorty Get the Gringo Ghostbusters GI Joe The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (both versions) Give Em Hell Malone The Godfather trilogy the graduate gran torino green hornet green lantern the green mile gremlins the grey gone baby gone the good the bad and the ugly goodfellas good will hunting the guard highlander 2 halloween halloween 2 (both versions) the hangover hanna hard candy hardware harry potter 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8 Haywire Heat Heathers Hellboy 1 and 2 hobo with a shotgun hostage the house of the devil hung season 1 hunger the hunt for red october the hurt locker i am legend ichi i love you man immortals in bruges in the loop hulk inception independence day inglourious basterds inside man insomnia insidious interview with the vampire in the line of fire ip man iron man 1 and 2 I saw the devil it's always sunny in philadelphia jackie brown Bond films: License to kill The world is not enough casino royale Quantum of Solace JCVD Johnny Handsome Jurassic Park trilogy Karate kid pt. i & ii kick ass kingdom of heaven: dir's cut kiss kiss bang bang knocked up the last action hero the last exorcism the last of the mohicans The last Samurai law abiding citizen Layer Cake Lethal Weapon collection legion the professional limitless lonesome dove the lookout lord of the rings trilogy lord of war lucky number slevin mad max the road warrior manhattan the man from nowhere he man in the iron mask martha marcy may marlene the mask of zorro Mast and Commander the matrix merantau the messenger MIB Midnight in Paris mimic minority report mission impossible: 1, 3, 4 the mist monster mr. & mrs. smith the mummy trilogy near dark no country for old men observe and report oceans 12 & 13 the omen once upon a time in the west ong bak 2 the others out of sight pale rider pandorum pan's labyrinth paranormal activity 1-3 the patriot Payback dir's cut the phantom phone booth pineapple express pitch black chronicles of riddick poltergeist predator trilogy the prestige Primal fear the proposition pulp fiction the quick and the dead raging bull rambo 1-4 rango red red cliff red hill red riding replicant res. evil 1-4 rise of the planet of the apes the road robin hood prince of thieves robocop trilogy rob roy rocknrolla the rocketeer The Rocky Collection Romancing the stone and Jewel of the Nile Ronin Rounders the rundown the running man running scared rushmore 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rising valkyrie Vengeance Trilogy Wall Street War Horse Watchmen dir's cut waterworld way of the gun we need to talk about kevin we were soldiers while she was out the wild bunch winter's bone the xfiles movie x men 1, 2, 4 young guns zack and miri make a porno zodiac zombieland.
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[Table] I AMA Card Dealer on the Las Vegas Strip. Let's talk Vegas.

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Date: 2012-03-23
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Have you ever spotted a black jack "crew"? Or seen a "crew" taken out by the casino? I've seen people TRYING to be a "crew." Most people who think they can count cards, can't. Right after that movie 21 came out the casinos were flush with confused college kids whispering to each other, "What's the count again?"
What's it cost to get a hooker to do anal? Honestly, I have no idea. You can e-mail the prostitutes in Pahrump before going in and they would tell you if they offer the service and how much it would cost.
Also, great username.
Do you have blackjack basic strategy down by heart? if so, and I just want to play that way, will you tell me what to do? are you allowed to tell me what to do if I just ask? Related question: do you keep a count of the cards yourself? if so are you good at predicting when a counter is going to make their big bets? Yes, I have basic strategy memorized and some dealers are allowed to assist players, it depends on the casino. I only keep count if I'm bored or I suspect someone else on the table is counting.
My brother-in-law, Bob, was in Las Vegas last week. What did you think of him? Bob was a delight for everyone and a generous tipper. We'd love to have him back again.
If I were to make a trip to Vegas, how would enabling the Wild Wasteland perk affect my travels? I've heard some people say it's what the experience should be in the first place and others say it's just stupid. Enabling Wild Waseland turns the Wild Wild West Casino into a casino based on the Wild Wild West movie adaptation starring Will Smith; I don't recommend it. Plus the walls get all clippy.
What is the deal with counting cards? Is it easy to spot? If so, do you get a lot of amateur card counters trying to do this or cheat in other ways, and what is the normal course of action? Thanks! Very few people actually try to cheat here. Spotting card counters is all in the way that they bet. It's a certain formula with very few methods of deviation so if they don't follow it strictly it doesn't work so nobody is worried about the amateurs. If a dealer suspects someone of card counting, they report it to their pit boss who then watches the game. If the person IS thought to be card counting they are simply denied service at the casino.
What happens if you drop a chip on the ground while dealing blackjack or roulette or some other game? Would you bend down to pick it up or is the risk that someone would take the chips on the table too great? If a chip is dropped I'll call the floor supervisor over to retrieve it. Yes, the reason is to protect the chip rack.
If you were desperate for money, and you had to find a way to take, say, $250,000 out of a casino, what would your plan be? Is there anything you think you could actually get away with? There's too many security guards, surveillance, and key cards to take it in cash. It's not Ocean's 11 security but they know what they're doing. The only other option would be to steal chips but the large denomination ones are RFID tracked so that would be a bust as well. I'd have a better success rate applying for a loan at the bank.
You ever run into any damned NCR? No, this particular stretch of wasteland is ruled by Caesar.
What's your favorite game to deal? Blackjack is my personal favorite. There's a bit of an art to it that I enjoy. We ARE allowed to cut someone off but it's still a little frowned upon.
Are you allowed to cut someone off if they obviously have a problem stopping when they should, like a bartender cutting off a lush? We can also cut people off from drinking, like bartenders.
Can you explain a little more? Is it just that it's hard to tell a guy who's just lost a lot of money from a guy that has just mortgaged his house a third time? The 3rd mortgage story is actually pretty rare. Most gamblers are actually quite good with money. But there are signs we look for to spot problem gambling patterns and direct them to appropriate help.
What other games do you deal? I'm a former croupier. I deal all the games. I used to get high limit black Jack a lot, because I was young, cute and pleasant. That meant more tips and less marks. However, I always had more fun in low level games. I'd take $5 black Jack over hand held baccarat any day. Thoughts? I deal all of them as well, although I'll admit craps is not my forte. I'm always impressed with the ones who do it well. I prefer low-level stakes myself. Baccarat's a hellishy boring game to deal.
What are the signs you look for? Multiple trips to the ATM is one. Suddenly gambling much larger amounts of money is another. Referred to as going "on tilt."
So full tilt would mean gambling large sums? If so, TIL. It's a term more commonly used in poker but yeah, that's what it means.
What's the most you have seen someone win in one hand/night? The biggest I've seen in one hand was a bad beat jackpot dealt in the poker room. The winner left with a little over 250,000 dollars.
What's the etiquette when you make a mistake? I was in Vegas recently playing poker and someone innocently took an extra dollar back from the pot, so the dealer didn't return my small blind. I told him, he said the pot was right, I said I put $6 in and it was $5 total to call, he said I took $1 back, I said I didn't, we go back and forth, he makes some personal remark about my being bad at math and how could the pot be right, I make some personal remark about it not being my job to police the pot and him being bad at his job. Eventually he offered to call the floor but the guy who took the extra dollar gives it to me so no floor is called. What's the correct way to handle this type of situation? If you think a dealer has made a mistake you are correct in telling him immediately. The floor should be called if the situation isn't immediately solved. If the money in question is a small amount (say a dollar or two) then the house usually neutralizes the dispute by putting in the missing money. Larger amounts would go through surveillance though.
Vegas is a magic place to me. I love it so much and I'm planning on moving their in my late twenties or thirties, can you tell me what it's like to live in Vegas instead of just visit? Also, how did you get the job of a card dealer? Locals actually have quite a few perks. Some strip clubs, dance clubs, shows, and etc. have a locals discount or "industry night." The Vegas lifestyle is available to the locals at a cheaper rate but just remember not to do it every day. To get a job as a dealer I filled out an application, passed an audition. Simple as that.
What's the residential part of Vegas like? I've only ever seen the popular areas, Fremont and the Strip, or the deserts. And as far as the heat, I live in west texas and I love working in the dry heat. It's mostly apartment buildings and gated communities alternated by strip malls and bars. The best bars are off the strip, in my opinion.
When were you hired? What games did you have going in on your resume, what did you audition for? I was hired for my current job in late 2010. I had all standard table games on my resume and I was auditioning for poker. Resume's aren't as important in dealing as the audition. If you've been dealing for 30 years and you mess up during the audition, they're going to go with the guy with only 1 year of experience who aced it.
What is the largest tip you have received at the table? Is it possible to pick up a casino employee or is that frowned upon? The largest tip I've received was 600 dollars. I saw a player toss a cranberry (5k) chip to a dealer once. Tips are a big "X" factor for your income and if you're not working at a casino full time it can be difficult to budget.
I'm sorry, I completely missed your second question. Picking up a casino employee is possible and not really frowned upon. Don't expect much from the girls dealing in the "party pits" though.
Can roulette dealers really drop the ball within a number or two? Do you work at a newer casino or an old one? I miss the sports book at the Frontier. How long have you been at this? No, roulette dealers cannot do that. Roulette wheels are checked for bias electronically and any suspicious patterns would attract attention. I've work/ed at newer casinos and older ones. I prefer the character of the older houses but I think the Aria is amazing. I've been dealing for about 10 years now.
I was playing blackjack at the Hard Rock a few years ago when a couple of prostitutes joined the table for awhile, trying to strike it up with my brother and me. They eventually gave up and left. The dealer told us he referred to these girls as "rack rats" because when they are successful, it hurt the house take (chips accumulating in his rack). Is that a general term, or just this dealer's lingo? I've personally never heard it but I wouldn't be surprised if it was a common term. Gaming slang is a lot of rhyming and alliteration. I'd much appreciate it if the whole world would please stop saying "Winner, winner Chicken Dinner."
I'm going to Vegas in a couple of months and I love magic. What are some of the best magic shows to go to and how far in advance should I buy tickets? By far the best magic show, in my opinion, is Mac King's show at Harrah's. Simple, but amazing illusions in an intimate-sized theatre and very funny. Penn & Teller are great as well. The tickets can be picked up for a discount at ticket booths around the strip the day of the show. The kiosks are called Same-Day Tickets or Half-Price Tickets and are a good value. Stay away from the Criss Angel show. It's terrible.
Why is Criss Angel terrible, in your opinion? He spends most of the show posing instead of doing magic tricks. I don't think Criss Angel is terrible, just his Vegas show.
Have you ever met a pornstar with hugely enhanced breasts? Like Kayla Kleevage, Minka, or Claudia Marie? No, but I have met a few pornstars out here. They're generally nice people, although it's always been in relaxed social situations.
How... 'relaxed'? At bars or private/home games. I've never met any at events like the AVN awards.
I have 200 Dollars for the night. What things to do will last the longest / provide me with the biggest value / return (average-common sense) - sights,places,activities ? Depends, are you gambling at all?
Yes, Blackjack ? And Roulette maybe ? But I was thinking in the lines of sites / clubs... If you're going to play low-limit table games you're probably going to want to go downtown to Fremont Street. Set aside about 40 dollars apiece and play the minimum that the table allows. If you want to see a show there are kiosks around the strip and in many casinos that offer discounted tickets for shows on the current day. Clubs are expensive to get into (30 dollars is about average) and the drinks are quite expensive as well (10 dollar beers and god help you if you order anything remotely fancy).
If I won 1 million dollars at the casino would the casino report that to the IRS? Yes, you'd have to sign a tax form similar to a W-2 to receive the money. Depending on how much you'd gambled in the past year you'd have to pay about 30 percent of it to taxes.
The correct form is a W-2G, where they should automatically mail/give you at the end of the year. It tells you all sorts of other fun details as well, such as what kind of wagebet you made, among other details. That's the one. Taxes isn't really my end of the gaming machine.
What's the biggest sucker thing you can do in vegas? I've heard that slot machines are actually terrible odds but people play them anyway... so what are the stupidest ways you can lose your money? Gambling is generally the quickest way, and slots are the worst but I think some of them are pretty cool. I'm someone who likes flashing lights and noise. Many new penny slot machines have been arriving with preset minimum bets like 25 credits but they pay out odd amounts. This usually leads to a player leaving 19 cents or so on the machine and walking away. There's people who just spend all day wandering from casino to casino looking for unclaimed spare change on the machines. It can be lucrative.
Im going to vegas soon with my girlfriend. Im only going to be there 2 nights and a day and a half. What is something romantic or exciting that most tourists dont know about? The hiking in Red Rock Canyon is great although you'd need a car. First Fridays down in the arts district is always fun. There are countless shows (stand-up comedy, theatre, etc.) off the strip. If you're unsure of what to do in a particular stretch of time and need ideas pick up a Las Vegas Weekly. They're available for free all throughout town.
Is this a local law, or something? Or does it have something to do with cost? I don't know but I suspect it's cost-related. Most table games have a 5 dollar minimum bet with a dealer to keep action moving. An undercover cop on the slots could control the pace. I think it's a waste of money either way.
Um..why wouldn't the casino cooperate and just give them house chips to bet with and then give them back? Also can you please tell me a good book to learn basic blackjack strategy (I don't like to always sit in front of a computer) No, the possibility of fraud is far too high to give away money. There really isn't such a thing as "house chips." There are non-denominational chips that are used in roulette as well as specialty chips used for tournament-style play but use of those would blow the cop's cover, obviously. Also, as long as the hookers aren't pestering every player they come across, the casinos don't really mind them so much. They'll need a bed eventually. To learn blackjack strategy (or really any casino game) I'd actually recommend sitting in front of the computer a wee bit longer and visiting wizardofodds.com. It's a great resource for gambling smart.
What's the most interesting thing that you've ever seen? That's a big question. It's all VERY interesting. You'll have to be a little more specific.
Has anyone ever made a scene over losing a large amount of money? As a dealer, you develop quite thick skin. People will call you names and curse a lot but very few actually cause much of a scene. If a scene is caused, security is usually called and they usually eject them.
I am going in a couple days with some friends. However, I don't know how to play any of the table games. Do you know any good sites/videos to learn games like poker for a beginner like me? Actually, many of the major casinos offer free classes that teach you how to play, usually in the mornings from 9-11 am. Many casino games can seem confusing or intimidating. My advice would be to take the free lesson and, if it seems fun, don't be afraid to throw a few bucks on the real thing. Just don't spend all your time in the casinos.
What's the etiquette for requesting tips? I had a lucky night at the blackjack table and the dealer was being an asshole telling me my "generosity has been outstanding" is it harder work for me to win? fuck that guy. amiright? You are right. Tips are voluntary and even if we suggest it, we do it in a way that makes you think it's your idea. Some dealers have no tact and that's sad.
Is it not considered rude to ask a guest to tip though? Yeah, it is but some still resort to it since many people don't know. Most guests that aren't accustomed to tipping will tip after realizing it's the social norm ("when in Rome") but if coerced into tipping will not be likely to later.
Are tips pooled? Do you rotate tables? I imagine the tables with larger bets get bigger tips. Tips are earned on a table-to-table basis when you deal cash games in poker. Table games (everything else requiring a dealer) generally pool tips and divide them equally on a 24-hour timeframe. All dealers rotate into all games (except for Poker, which is usually a completely separate department) at one point or another. Unless there's a generous high roller most of our money comes from the more numerous, smaller tips from low-limit games.
How does it work with high rollers? Do they carry the cash they bet with? For example, if someone's playing a $500 minimum bet table, I would assume they'd buy in for 10 to 20 bets worth of chips. Do they really just throw 5-10 grand down on the table? And then you call out "Changing ten thousand" and proceed to show every bill to the camera, turn it over, lay it down (and probably cover the entire table 2-3 times over) and then stuff all 100 $100-bills into the cash box? Or do they establish some sort of credit with the casino and just get chips based on that? They usually get a line of credit for the higher stakes players, yes but you'll occasionally get the high roller that throws up a few grand on the table in cash. I've seen more than a few people carrying 10k bundles around. There's a guy who plays poker down on Fremont Street called The Duke of Fremont Street (you don't say?!) who carries around a violin case full of cash, gold, and gold money clips stuffed with cash. Some people just like the attention.
Besides the line of credit they often have deposits at the cage where they get their chips or wired it in before they plan to enter a casino. Correct me if I'm wrong, MrVegas. You speak the truth.
Do you like Fallout? Sure do. Big fan of the games. The map of New Vegas is somewhat accurate although not to scale, obviously.
What is considered a decent tip at a table? Took a reasonable amount of money from the Cosmo a few months ago. I'm a cheap ass who didn't intend to gamble much and finished my trip playing $25 per hand blackjack. If you were my dealer, I hope my tip was appropriate. Most poker dealers will get a dollar a hand as a tip. Since poker isn't a house game that tip isn't necessarily a "thanks for the lucky hand" but more of a "thanks for moderating the poker game." If you're playing 25 dollars a hand and you are dealt a blackjack, the blackjack will pay 37.50. A common tip on that would usually be the 2.50 but we appreciate a dollar tip/bet. Anything over 5 dollars (that isn't a high-stakes game) would be considered generous.
Fuck you let's not talk vegas. So tell me. What do you think of ohio? I've never been there. The astronauts seem to hate it though.
What did you think of Nick Papageorgio? That guy from Yuma who works in software? Nice guy. My friend fitted him for a suit once. Although I heard he stole some tourist wallet once.
Have you ever seen a person or group of people successfully count cards and leave with a profit? Or are they all losers? I've seen it done to varying degrees of success, it's just not very common anymore, at least in Las Vegas. Most card counting groups operate in smaller Indian Casinos where the dealers are less likely to be trained against it. Opening a brand new casino in an area new to gaming is like ringing the dinner bell for card counters.
Do you have herpes? No. Condoms are widely available in Las Vegas and encouraged.
Is a royal flush really that rare? The odds of a video poker machine dealing you a royal flush on the deal is a little under 650,000 to 1 (happened to me once). As a poker dealer, I've dealt four in 10 years, although I've run into dealers who've gone their whole careers without dealing one.
You mentioned that you have been a dealer for 10 years. Do you see yourself doing this until you can retire or do you see yourself moving up? If you want to move up, what do you want to do eventually? I could easily see myself doing this for awhile. It's fun, easy money and casinos are the best places in the world to people watch. If I moved up I'd probably like to teach dealers. I view dealing as somewhat of an art form and I'd like to reteach the "right" way.
Is card dealing a specialty? In other words, have you never worked craps or roulette? I'm always amazed at how craps dealers can keep track of everything at a busy table. Pretty much everyone is called a dealer whether they actually "deal" anything or not. I have worked craps and roulette as well. I'm kind of bad at craps, I'm sorry to admit but roulette's fun.
What's the deal with the garish, ugly carpets you see in casinos? I think many of them are just trying to unique. When you line them up right next to each other one mega casino is pretty identical to the next so they have to out-gimmick each other in every way. Also, many casino's carpet is actually coded to indicate areas where minor are and aren't allowed. There's usually a yellow brick road of sorts to registration and elevators.
Ok, if you see someone thrusting hard, what do you do? I hope what they're thrusting into is enjoying the attention and I leave them to their business. I'm not sure what you were asking here...
Are there any films that have accurately portrayed what your business is like? Not really, in my opinion. I honestly think it could be a decent (can't believe I'm saying this) reality show but the corporations that own the casinos would never let us speak frankly.
What kind of cards do you use, bicycle?, a deck specific to the casino?, or something completely different? Most casinos use Kem or Copag cards for poker. Anyone who plays cards at home should pick some of these up. They're pretty difficult to mark, bend resistant, and they're perfect for parties. You can wash them in the sink! Blackjack and other card-based table games generally use custom cards made for the casino. I've never really paid attention to what brand they are since they're changed out so often.
My wife & I are going in a few months. (4 days/3 nights). I plan on playing/losing ~$100 on roulette and avoiding the card games. We are mostly going for shows (I'll check out those booths you mentioned) & food. One of the days I plan to send her to a spa and I want to check out some sport related gambling. Where is the best place for sports betting? Is there live betting (quick bets as in : Will Verlander strike the next batter out?) I've always thought the LVH (the old Hilton) has a really nice sports book and their odds have always been fair. The kind of live betting you're looking for is usually the kind of action you'll get from the other patrons in the sports book. The casino doesn't have time to set odds on that short of notice.
What's the deal with craps? I went on a cruise and they had a video on casino games on a continuous loop and i'd watch the craps session over and over and still not get it. i also went on a little mine-class in the casino, was still drawing blanks. is there a "Explain to me like i'm 5" with craps. Craps is confusing because the objective of the game changes so frequently and the odds are somewhat strange. Unless you want to go in-depth with game strategy I'd suggest putting your money on the pass line and throwing the dice until they tell you to stop. Not the best advice, I know, but I'm not a huge fan of craps.
I'll be in Vegas this June, what are the best night clubs? Is it best to buy tickets for the clubs and shows before hand or just go with the flow once I'm there? It's a little pricey to get in (40 dollars last time I was there, if memory serves me correctly) but the Moon nightclub at the Palms Hotel is pretty damn cool. Open air at the top of the building. I'd buy the club tickets in advance since they're usually the same price. Half-price ticket booth the day of the show you want to see.
What is the best local restaurant in Vegas? Like, residential area restaurant. The Asian food out here is great. The Chinatown District on Spring Mountain is packed with awesome food. Just pick one.
I am going to Vegas for my first time in a couple of weeks. Any tips, advice, where is the most fun to be had for the lowest price? Thanks for doing this AMA! There are lots of groupons available for Las Vegas. The pinball museum is a cheap way to burn an afternoon.
Also -is there a proper etiquette when playing with other people (eg Don't hit when a dealer has a bust card), or is it every man for himself? Proper etiquette is to shore up your hand against the dealer's without harming the other players. Hitting when the dealer is showing a bust card has started more than a few fights that I've seen. Practice basic strategy and try to make sure you're playing with people who do the same.
Swingers club? The two popular swingers' clubs are The Green Door and The Red Rooster. Ladies get in free (of course), single men pay a pretty high cover charge, and couples get in for half price. They're... interesting places to meet people.
If someone is counting cards but is also a generous tipper, do you let him get away with it a little longer? Tipping is one way of diverting attention and, yes, it does work. However, as I stated elsewhere, card counters have to adhere to certain rules and formulas regarding their wagers. They've made blackjack a business and tipping is bad for business.
What are some tips to get casino comps? Also what is your favorite buffet in Vegas? (We go to Vegas for the food and right now our Favorite is the Bellagio) Ask for them. The biggest thing is shyness. There's a lot of people gambling in a casino at any given time so if you want your play to be evaluated for comps, simply tell the dealer or floor manager. I don't eat at the buffets too often.
Do you prefer I give you straight tip or put your tip down as a wager? Alternating them isn't a bad way to go. Or you can always ask the dealer.
What's the strangest thing you've ever seen while dealing? Wilford Brimley calling me a cocksucker.
How much do you make per year? It varies, of course. It averages out to around 38-46k. I'm not a rich man but I enjoy the hell out of life.
Is it worth doing a hooker? That's up to you man. I know people who've had bad experiences with them and I've had people who've had great experiences. Not all hookers are diseased and misguided. Some are business-minded and know that they're offering a service and do so professionally.
What do you think about older smaller casinos. Have you been to the tropicana lately? I enjoy a lot of the smaller places. The Clarion is a great locals hangout and so is the Greek Isles. I was at the Trop yesterday. They recently remodeled almost the whole place. Looks great.
I heard the casinos make applicants take a hair test before getting hired...is this true? Yes, you need to pass a drug test (usually hair) to get hired at nearly all casinos. It's only the one unless you do a union job though.
So when it comes to poker, "tight is right"? I'm not sure I understand what you're asking. Could you elaborate?
Thank you for counting my cards when I'm a little slow. You're welcome. You're there to have fun, not to do simple math all day.
I hear there are hookers in Vegas. How much would it cost for the hooker and I to get naked, except for sailor hats. Then we get into a Jacuzzi filled with Pepto-Bismol, and I clip her toenails while she shaves my buttocks. 3000 dollars.
Prostitution is illegal here in Clark County. Just felt like pointing that out. I couldn't resist the Rat Race reference. Yes, prostitution is illegal, BUT you can drive about 45 minutes west to Pahrump and get a legal hooker at a brothel.
Dont a question for you, but this was the best AMA I've read in months! Funny answers, and detailed answers for the serious questions. Thanks. This is pretty fun, I've got to say. This is my first AMA and I genuinely like informing and entertaining people. It's probably why I love my job.
Yes, I'm referring to the playing style. Either you place "loose" and play a lot of hands. Or you play "tight" and play far less hands, the best hands. Poker strategy is slippery and no one credo or saying is right. If you're a beginner it's best to play a little more conservatively but you'll need to able to change gears eventually.
Unless he was controlling a single deck with both hands, never. Right answer.
10% Generous/Grateful 5% A welcome but standard tip 1% Depending on your attitude towards me, may have been an insult, or just a cheapo. Never feel like a tip is an insult. I make nearly my entire living by people tipping me one dollar at a time. "Cheapos" pay my bills.
I've personally never heard it but I wouldn't be surprised if it was a common term. Gaming slang is a lot of rhyming and alliteration. I'd much appreciate it if the whole world would please stop saying "Winner, winner Chicken Dinner." Also, the savvy prostitutes will only pick up guys from table games. Vice cops can play slots undercover to try to lure in hookers but can't play table games.
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[Table] IAmA: Jason Bentley, host of KCRW LA radio's Morning Becomes Eclectic, Metropolis, and EDM pioneer. AMA.

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Date: 2014-02-05
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As the music director for a non-profit public radio station, do you ever feel a duty to expose KCRW’s listeners to “important” music which may not be popular among your listeners? Or does the station’s reliance on listener donations necessitate the dumbing-down of music programming to ensure sufficient funding? Is that why more eclectic, but less popular, DJs such as Tom Schnabel are no longer on the air? Well, you always want to strike a balance between things that are familiar, and things that are going to be a new discovery. A lot of our listeners tune in for music discovery specifically, so that's a priority for us. And over the years, we've been able to present many many artists with their first airplay in the states. So whether it's Adele, or Norah Jones, or whomever, it's almost like the list runs really long. So that's an honor and a privilege, but to your question, you want to strike a balance between things that are accessible and things that are just much more progressive. I still think that our sweet spot is pretty far left of center. I mean our world is far more independent and in most cases unfamiliar to the mainstream.
Specifically for Tom, he's still at the station and he hosts an online music blog called Rythm Planet (Link to blogs.kcrw.com so he is still with us. He was our very first music director in the late 1800s.
Jason, thank you for doing this. You've been my favorite DJ for as long as I can remember. Morning Becomes Eclectic is the best show on the radio. What are your favorite small clubs to see bands in LA? What is the coolest place you've ever DJ'd at? Good questions! For local venues, I like the El Rey and I like the Fonda (even though it's a little bit bigger) and for nightclubs, I think Sound is best. And there's a new spot called DBA which is great too. As far as favorite DJ sets, that's really hard to say because it's like 2 decades of playing. Sometimes if I imagine a map of Southern California in my mind, I could drop a flag at so many locations over the years. But I would say a special honor was playing the Governor's Ball, which is the Oscar's after party, which I've played twice. And also Coachella is a personal favorite because I haven't missed a single Coachella and I've played there 3 times now.
As a person who has pretty much been a part of the Los Angeles "EDM" scene since the get-go, what aspect of this recent boom in popularity has been the most surprising for you? Also, any crazy story you care to share about the old school warehouse days?? Well you know to see EDM on Superbowl commercials, major motion pictures, basically the highest level of popular exposure is pretty remarkable. And also these events, whether it's EDC or Hard or Ultra in Miami, it's pretty astonishing. I didn't expect that it would become as big as it has gotten. But it's certainly validating for those of us who had a sense of its potential very early on, the power of connecting and a different way to experience music unlike rock n roll. As far as the old days, lots of very funny stories. One time I was at a rave and I stumbled down the wrong hallway and came upon a Quinceneara that was happening at the same time. We threw a rave on Catalina called Gilligan's Island in the casino that's out there and I just remember people as the boat was leaving the next morning running down the dock trying to jump on the boat at the last minute. I remember a rave in a bullring in east LA and the Orb played. Fond memories of a really influential event called Organic in 1996, probably the ultimate lineup of any rave, it had Underworld, Orbital, Meat Beat Manifesto, The Orb and the Chemical Brothers. And actually I really hope that we can get a 20 year anniversary of Organic event together. So that would be coming up in a couple of years. Countless memories, breaking into warehouses. I knew these promoters that would go downtown and they would put padlocks on different doors and they would come back a few weeks later and if the padlock had been cutoff they knew they could not use that warehouse, but it was a great way to test whether people were actually using the space. Sort of a reverse psychology there. So if the padlock was still on, they knew it was open season. Map points were also a really big part of the scene. Before everybody had a cell phone, the party would have a voicemail and you would call the voicemail number and you would get directions to a map point. You would go there, pay your money and get a map to the rave. There was always a sense of adventure in the scene. It needed to be illicit and sort of dangerous. That was a big part of it. So you and your friends would drive for hours trying to find these places, and you get there and it would be a giant room or giant sound system, something very special about all of that. I don't run around looking for underground parties anymore, so I don't even know if that scene exists. But I'm sure it does.
Hey Jason! Long time listener, first time writer. How much would it cost for you to DJ my wedding? And for the follow-up, will you be the groom at my wedding? I do not play weddings, it's just potentially a minefield with music, so I steer clear of that. We should probably have dinner first.
My question is, what is a common thread you've seen in bands/artists who have started out small/unknown and have broken into wider success? What advice would you give to the struggling independent musicians out there that hope to gain wider exposure? As far as common thread, I think you just need to love what you do, playing music and making that connection to people. Look at a band like the National right now. Their trajectory is over multiple albums, they are from the midwest (Cincinnati) and now they are headlining festivals. I like that trajectory where it's a slower build, you work to establish an audience over time and over multiple records. It's tough when you go big on your first record. Look at MGMT. They clearly don't like their early success. They have been trying to get away from the music they wrote in college ever since they put the album out.
I love KCRW and listening to it in my car is one of the top 5 things I miss about not living in LA anymore. Yeah, Henry really is crazy. He's outta control, he's a special individual. I recruited him and he's been great. One thing I really appreciate about him is how he has so much passion in what he does, and when you hear that in his voice, you're pretty much going to give anything a chance, no matter what he plays, you're going to sit there and go Ok, if you're that into it I'm happy to check it out.
Can you really put on anything you want (that's not cursing)? Like could you find some random band from anywhere and put them on the air, or do you have certain sources that you're 'allowed' to choose from? Well first, to quote Peter Parker's Spider-Man, with great power comes great responsibility.So I can play anything I want, but I need to be mindful of the audience and the radio station's reputation, and our credibility, so I take all of that very seriously and my goal is to play the best music possible. I jokingly say sometimes that I listen to bad music so you don't have to. And KCRW is an important filter for people, and you know, in a pop culture landscape where there's more choices and access than ever before it can really make your head spin. But that puts KCRW in a more important position.
Hi Jason, thanks for coming here. What bands from the past decade or so do you think will hold up as classics of the era? By that I mean the bands that will remain the most culturally and musically important in the coming decades. Wow. That is a tough one. I'll say that it was great to see Daft Punk receive 5 Grammys just a couple weekends ago. That for me was special because i presented their first DJ appearance in Los Angeles and have worked closely with them over the years, specifically on Tron: Legacy, so to see them validated at that level was pretty special. People know me as a real pioneer for electronic dance music, and they are obviously such a part of that too. The EDM movement over the past couple of decades has been my most significant genre and is my sort of "British Invasion" if you will.
As far as other bands, it's really hard to say who will endure, especially these days it seems like you know pop music and culture moves so quickly now because of digital and the internet, you are just seeing things turning over more rapidly. I think that when record labels were in more of a powerful position, they would really help to refine artists over time, but now when artists break on the internet, it's a little more disposable.
Jason I've been listening to you and KCRW since I was 15-16 and it has become the soundtrack to my life, I'd first off like to thank you and the staff for everything you guys do! 1st question: How is your voice so smooth and soothing? Rumor has it, it sends men and women alike into states of delirium. 2nd question: What is your favorite 90's 1 hit wonder, I'll go easy and let you pick 3 :]. Lastly if you were to be stuck with 5 albums to listen for the rest of eternity what would they be? 1st question: Proximity effect, look it up. 2nd question: Blackstreet's No Diggity, Eels' Novocaine for the Soul, The Breeders' Cannonball. 3: I'll take a shot. I would say The Who's Quadrophenia, The Clash London Calling, Kate Bush's Hounds of Love, Radiohead OK Computer, and Massive Attack's Blue Lines.
THANK YOU JASON AND KCRW FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO FOR LA!! RADIO ISN'T DEAD. You're totally right, I consider those proprietary.
P.S. You always have the best background tracks/interludes between sets or when you talk, I'm beginning to think you keep all those instrumentals as your own little gems, and are sending me on a musical scavenger hunt. P.P.S. Please start doing audiobooks. And people call about the interludes and I either ignore them outright or give them the wrong information.
If you could have been apart of any movie to provide music for what would it be? Do you think you could improve it? Well earlier I mentioned wanting to hang out with Stanley Kubrick. I guess a bunch of his films, but A Clockwork Orange definitely changed my whole worldview when I saw it as a teenager. I think that being involved in that process would have been pretty amazing. I think the genius of Kubrick is that he is a complete filmmaker. I think it really was a case of Kubrick appropriating and placing the ideas, not a traditional film score. But any of Kubrick's films would have been great to have worked on. I really liked There Will Be Blood in more recent times. Gotta credit The Social network and Trent Reznor because it was so unconventional and represented the film so well.
One of the things that people don't realize is that composers will come onto a picture when there's already a temp score in place. And the effect of that is usually limiting creatively. Because the direction and the sensibility has already been set in place. And so the conversation is usually with the director saying something like do something like this, I know it's the temp, it's from another film but we're used to that. It's a negative spiral. Sometimes you have directors like David Fincher for instance who involve a composer very early on and there is never a temp. Because a director like Fincher will appreciate the pitfall of doing that. So he involves someone in that process from even the script phase, getting ideas going. That's what we did with Tron: Legacy and Daft Punk. Daft Punk were on that project for 2-3 years wire to wire. On the set we were playing demos they had made. It helped to inform a scene and inform actors on a mood. So not everybody has that luxury because it doesn't make sense for a working composer to set aside 3 years for 1 film but the great films and the great directors (back to Kubrick), these are people that are approaching it with a holistic vision and that's when you get great results.
JB! Long time listenesupporter of KCRW and MBE. I have built a lot of my music library around your selections and have a great amount of respect for what you and your KCRW colleagues do for artists. That said, what genre(s), if any, do you have your eye on for 2014 and who's albums are you anticipating most? Good question. New music trends are trancehall and gravewave (a mix of witch house and chill wave, it's the next thing). No I'm joking I just made that up.
The Beck album is superb. So is the Broken Bells record. Those 2 albums are early candidates for the best of the year when all is said and done.
I went to a PACKED sold out Tame Impala show one time, and you stood right next to us. There was a good 2 foot radius of space/respect around you so you were not crowded. Practice.
How did you get so cool? Stay in school.
How do you line up your music supervision gigs ... do producers/directors reach out to you directly, or is it vice versa? Also, how many of movie/tv/game projects per year can you ideally work on? Well the music director position here at the station is my priority and takes up most of my time. The other projects such as films, commercials, video games, I will consider on a case by case basis. Honestly they are really about relationships. Directors that I've worked with over time, projects that I feel have a certain creative reward, in other words I'm not just looking for anything to pick up. I don't have a set number I try to do, it's just about interesting opportunities that come up that I'm excited about and working with good people.
You play incredible music, and your voice is as soothing as Bob Ross'. Those are the highest compliments I've ever given someone. Are you just constantly listening to new music or do you have interns helping out? What do you think of the Broken Bells new album? Who's your favorite band of 2010+? Love the new Broken Bells. I listen to all the music. I don't know how I could assign someone like an intern to do that for me. It does not really compute for me. And as far as a favorite band post 2010, let's say M83.
Jason, I need to know. Who cuts your hair, player? And can I walk in and say give me the Bentley? I go to Yuki Sharoni in Beverly Hills, the mecca of hair salons.
Hi Jason! Love the show and glad to have discovered it. Thanks for all the music you play. You've really opened my ears! What made you pursue the music life? Was it an artist or a DJ that you listened to when you were younger? When I was young I was totally fascinated with radio and subculture. By that I mean style and graffiti and music in the city. And so I think without having a set plan I have always known what excites me, what interests me and have naturally been drawn to music and culture. I have always loved radio as a medium. I think partly because it engages the imagination. I think music videos and video in general it establishes too much. It tells you too much. I always liked radio being theater of the imagination and that's what drew me to KCRW originally because there was this exotic music programming and really unusual radio drama that I had never heard before. I'm not talking about the BBC presents Shakespeare, it was weird radio drama like an intimate conversation that you should not be listening to. So I think KCRW always drew my interest from just being very young.
1) How does one become a KCRW DJ, is there anything specific that you look for? 1 well I started at KCRW as a phone volunteer in the main office and traditionally that's how people get involved and find their way and many of our DJs had their start as volunteers so that's certainly 1 way. We don't really go out and recruit people so much. Henry is an exception but he's an exception in a lot of ways. Get involved is the easy answer. It's public radio and there's a lot of ways that you can.
2) What was the inspiration for bringing back Metropolis? 2 When I became music director my responsibilities broadened significantly. While my passions for electronic dance music remained, I didn't really have the outlet. It was by popular demand, enough people over time asked me about it and ultimately our general manager brought it up and asked me to bring it back. And so we devised a saturday night program and that's my forum for just pure unadulterated Metropolis.
3) How do you think the electronic music scene in Southern California has changed in the last decade, and where do you see it going in the near future? 3 Well Los Angeles has always been a beacon for dance music culture. It's probably a combination of reasons (weather, the aspirational spirit, interesting venues, British expats) and so from the early 90s we really picked up from a lot of what was happening in Europe. Over the years it has evolved and we have made it our own in lots of ways. There have been growing pains where the rave scene has had major issues with people being injured, dying, it's just a matter of managing the masses and safety. There have been growing pains. But we do have the biggest dance music promoters in the country whether it's Insomniac who do a number of events including the Electric Daisy Carnival which is the largest single event in the country (used to be in LA for many years), also the Hard Festival, and then megaclubs like Avalon and Create. And also a lot of the leading Djs have relocated here like Tiesto and Zedd. So Los Angeles is undeniably the US capital of dance music. As far as where it is going, it's hard to predict the future but wherever it's going I will be there.
Boxers or Briefs? Briefs.
Jason! Awesome job all the time, love MBE! There are so many different ways to do this nowadays. I think it's very important for an artist to have a strong aesthetic. It's more than the music which needs to be great, but it's an artistic statement that extends beyond that in terms of whatever imaging or affiliation they make. It's really important. And it's definitely not lost on me the effort that is made. I can't really offer a magic bullet in terms of what a solution is for people across the board. But aesthetics are important. For instance if you send me a CDR with some writing and a sharpie, I would prefer to find you based on a compelling statement musically and artistically. So be careful about the partnerships that you strike. Generally people are more forgiving of commercial endorsements and brands, people understand that it's a necessary evil of sorts. But try to be discriminating of who you get in bed with. There are lots of opportunities out there. Music is a special magic that connects all of us. As human beings it's our connective tissue. So if you are able to make that magic, just protect it and respect it and you might have to turn some things down if you don't feel good about it. As far as great marketing, it's more about respecting your craft and finding the right people to help you get the word out.
Since you're neck deep in the industry and see a lot of musicians moving towards more innovative ways of making money (due to the old ways not working as well), such as utilizing themselves as brands and integrating alongside partners such as movies (Pharrell + Despicable Me 2 and his 24 Hours of Happy website or even Bieber getting the digital video makeover from addidas) and more - What have you seen in the digital music marketing world that you feel has been really effective in spreading awareness of the artist, brand and getting listeners and fans excited?
Hello, Have been a KCRW member for a while, listen to you in the morning at work, and very excited for this summer's line up at the bowl. anywho, living behind the orange curtain, there aren't many shows down here. KCRW did an event at the Segrestrom Center a couple years back, and that was it, no mas. Any chance it might happen again? Or any KCRW events in Orange County for that matter? Thanks and keep up the good work :) I totally hear you. And it's really a matter of limited staff and resources. We would love to do more events down there, it's just about finding the time and the energy honestly. We enjoy coming down there and also the reception that we get is always terrific. People really appreciate the effort and that is an important audience for us. But sometimes all we can do is focus on the more immediate community in central LA, but please know that we definitely are trying to find more opportunities down there.
When would be the most convenient time during a DJ set to approach you and ask questions? Never...
Hello Jason, I was wondering how it was working on the music for the Matrix? And also, what is your favorite fruit? I love raspberries. But on the Matrix, amazing project, a good 3 years of my life working with the Wachowskis. Just totally inspiring. A long time ago. Wonderful to be around such creative people. The first Matrix was such a game changer. I also got a Grammy nomination for that soundtrack. Unfortunately I lost to Phil Collins for Tarzan. It's true, I was on the edge of my seat when they made the announcement and then they said Phil Collins.
The funny thing about working on a film is that you are too close to it. You see a film in pieces and at the end of it you've seen it 50 times or more so it becomes really difficult to even tell anymore. I knew it was great but it's so hard because your perception is so off. I don't think I knew it would have the kind of pop culture impact that it did. It's just impossible to say that. But amazing group of people, visionaries, and it changed my life.
MBE is hands down my favorite way to discover new music. Thanks so much for all that you do. Probably a hard question, but which in-studio guest session surprised you the most? Hmmm. Well, I think I hope for surprise every day in terms of what people are bringing to that stage. It's a rarity that any radio station would allow live bands nearly every day to play their hearts out live for the radio audience, it's almost old timey, it doesn't happen anymore. So I hope for the sense of surprise and excitement for everybody. I think the last band that really made me kind of stop and my jaw drop was White Denim. They've been in studio a few times, they're from Austin, Texas, and they are just so good as musicians, they are completely in a zone when they play. It's almost startling to watch. Probably the best live band I know that I've played at KCRW. I mean, everybody's good, but there's something about White Denim, they take it to another level. Oh, and they're at the Troubadour on Friday!
Jason. As a curator for the KCRW world festival shows @ the Hollywood bowl, have you thought about bringing house music to the bowl? Something like say Masters at work? a Reunion of Nuyorican Soul? With some contemparies to show the evolution? I think 30 plus years on House music is having a revival currently. Any thoughts on this? House music is definitely having a revival, largely due to Disclosure, 2 young brothers from England. Their Grammy nominated album Settle is a nod to classic soulful house music. As far as the Bowl, booking is not easy and it has to be done so far in advance so a lot of times ideas will go on a back burner but it's a good one, house music night. We did have the Basement Jaxx from London there 6 or 7 years ago and that was a great night of house music. But the genre has definitely seen a resurgence and that's just the cyclical nature of the dance music world. I think it's down to move in a different direction in time, probably Trance will make a comeback.
Hey Jason! You've played Coachella 3 times, and even did the voiceover for their trailer. How did you first get involved with the festival? What were your thoughts on the introduction of the new Yuma tent last year? Yuma is very cool. It's the result of the Sahara tent getting overblown. The EDM takeover of Sahara, Yuma is the answer to that. And it puts music first. And low on spectacle. It's very much an environment where you can feel the sound. I think it's a brilliant innovation on Coachella's part, and Coachella is a very influential festival. I would guess that other festivals like ACL or Lollapalooza or Sasquatch will probably follow suit. But it's basically an answer to the EDM bombast of Sahara.
Hello Jason, what did you have for lunch yesterday? I went to The Counter (location undisclosed but I love The Counter).
Jason, hi. Listening to your show on KCRW for a long time ... nearly 20 years. I volunteered during a few membership drives during your shift too. I'm sure you've had many offers to accept jobs elsewhere. What's kept you in the KCRW studio for all this time? It's more of an extended family, and you know, it's home. It's like a big house of crazy people and you know the little secret place where you can sneak off and get a little work done, and the place where you're going to run into somebody, it's just sort of a touchstone over the years. So I'm just totally a KCRW person, I listen to the radio station when I'm not here, and I'm here every day. I have been here a really long time. It's really strange, I didn't think I would be a lifer, but it's sort of working out that way. As long as I wake up and I'm excited to come here and excited to play that first record and that first set and figure out how I'm going to inspire people and do something special on the radio, I just don't see a reason to stop. It's really special to find a purpose and a calling. Not everybody finds that. We all make sacrifices here to do what we do, we take less money than we might make or we have to make other compromises in our life but it's worth it.
What are your current favorite restaurants in LA? I love inc. because it's a culinary adventure. I also like Scopa on the west side for italian, and Tar & Roses is also good. We definitely have it good in LA for food.
Hi Jason, do you have any advice for an aspiring produceDJ? Probably find your community. When I think back to the days when I was just getting started, you're naturally gravitating towards your friends and like minded people, whether it's at your college radio station or a live music scene. But don't take any of that for granted. It's amazing to me, looking around at some of my peers today who are successful, are friends I've had for a long time. And you know you really never know. If you find people with a shared passion for something… music, a club scene, a live music scene, everybody has a skill set. And so you probably know a person who can act as a manager or as a promoter or as an art director or as a lighting person, there are so many different ways to express your talents and your passion. I feel like it's easy to overlook these people who are right in front of you a lot of the time, especially when you're hanging out with your friends.
Hey Jason, really appreciate you doing this. I'm a huge fan of KCRW and a member. We host roughly 150 live musicians every year, so it's difficult to pinpoint a few. But personally I loved Underworld. They're a british electronic act and they were just great. But I have a chance to speak with a wide range of artists from Neil Young to Broken Bells. It's pretty crazy. So I really just want to facilitate a good conversation and provide a little insight into an artist's creative process. And there are good and there are bad, but I think my goal ultimately is just a solid conversation. Nick Cave, he's an intimidating figure and an amazing artist, but if you just sort of listen to his music, he seems like a pretty serious customer. That was a real triumph getting a better than good interview with him. It's funny because he is someone who during our conversation talked about the importance of creative tension, and sometimes when you step out of your comfort zone, you bring your best effort, because of the anxiety, because of the tension. And I thought a lot about that when he talked about that and it's true. Having those butterflies really means that you care about something going into it. A lot of artists have dysfunction or they have a certain reputation and from my position you're thrust into a place with someone you don't really know and you have to try to get this conversation done so whether it's Sigur Ros or Ryan Adams, everybody is complicated. So some of my main principles are to be gracious and welcoming. For us, the art is the most important thing. We all rally around the art and the artist. So one of the most important things is to just show our respect for that and our care for that.
Just wanted to ask, in your time as host of Morning Becomes Eclectic, who has been your favorite in studio performance and any good stories from the people that have played? Also as an addition to that, if I can promote our fundraiser tomorrow, we have a very unique place here, we have a very unique philosophy here, and that is only made possible by listener support. We don't answer to a corporation or a boardroom, we are free to share our passions for music and art and culture, and really, honestly the only way we are able to do that is that individuals decide to pick up the phone or go online and support us. It's a very 1 to 1 relationship. So if you want to keep that spirit alive here at KCRW which has made such a huge difference for artists over the years, we hope you will make a pledge starting tomorrow.
Thank you for the years of great interviews and not dumbing down electronica and having such a great taste and ear for great music! Who would you say are your favorite all-time electronic music artists that influenced you in the biggest way? Also, if you could open for any electronic music act, who would it be? I don't know who I would want to open for. Maybe Daft Punk just for the sake of it? Also the year they have had. It would be great to open for them.
Long time listener here, loved Metropolis for years, glad it came back. How do you find some of your tracks? Great selection as always. I'm a fan, first, so I'm always on the lookout for leading indicators, whether it's producers or labels or different recommendations or things that are buzzing online. It's sort of a lifestyle. You're just immersed in a music scene that you love. So I think that when you're approaching it that way with an open mind and excitement for what you do that really helps. Also maybe people will mention things and I will pick up on that and pursue it. Also I review a lot of music, people send me music constantly, I'll get hundreds of submissions a week so I try and go through as much as possible, typically in the evenings.
Speaking of listener support, could you break down, roughly, how is the money from donations distributed in order to keep KCRW on air? Roughly 70% of our operating budget comes from listener donations. The rest of it is from major donors, corporate grants, things like that. people can hear that on the air, it's not quite a commercial but you will hear credits for different people. It's like our version of an advertisement. But 70% is a lion's share. Also we are working on a new building which is part of Santa Monica college but hopefully in a couple of years we will have that finished. That's a huge commitment, but there is something called a Capital campaign where we go to more institutions, organizations like the Annenberg foundation and things like that for support. So it's not so much the listeners for that one. But we are excited to move into a new facility in a couple of years in Santa Monica. It's a big deal and it's been taking a long time.
Where do you get all those awesome t-shirts? I am photographed a lot, so I have to be thinking about my shirt selection. I really like All Saints. I know it's just a mall store, but I think it's because they are from England that I really like them. For more unusual fashions, I like Opening Ceremony. But I have to keep mixing it up, it's true, because I take photos with all the bands that come through and I can't be seen wearing the same shirt every day.
Ready for torturous question? Your favorite LA taco spot. Go Bentley! Haha. El Galleon.
Why did you leave KROQ? I first heard you on KROQ on weekends, but I forgot what show you did… Edit: I remember KROQ gave your Silversun Pickups remix a lot of plays back in the day... Well when I became music director of KCRW it would have just been weird for me to carry on at KROQ. But I love those folks, they do great work and we're still friends.
Yay hi Jason! Is there a particular artist you have not yet had the pleasure of interviewing that you would just love to talk to? Maybe that will be my fallback career if this radio thing doesn't work out, I will do yoga and meditation tapes.
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Come to Paradise Casino in Yuma, Arizona to play and win at more than 500 new and classic slot machines. Hotels near Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area; Hotels near Yuma Visitor Information Center; Hotels near Imperial National Wildlife Refuge; Hotels near Waylon's Water World; Hotels near Paradise Casino; Hotels near Yuma East Wetlands; Hotels near Arizona Historical Society Sanguinetti House Museum & Garden; Near Airports. Hotels near (MXL ... The Paradise Casino is located in Yuma, in the South-West of Arizona between the Colorado and the Gila River. It features more than 290 new and classic slot machines, wit … 0 reviews. United States. 450 Quechan Dr 85364 Yuma. See this casino . 1565yd. Winterhaven Quechan Casino & Resort. Situated in Winterhaven in California, the Quechan Casino & Resort suggest a pleasant stay to all its ... Best Casinos in Yuma, AZ - Quechan Casino Resort, Cocopah Casino, Paradise Casino, Winterhaven Casino, Quechan Gaming Commission, Emine Casino Near Airports. Hotels near (MXL) Mexicali Airport; Hotels near (YUM) Yuma Intl Airport; All things to do in Yuma; Things to do near Paradise Casino. Quechan Indian Museum; Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park; Colorado River State Historic Park; Gateway Park; Lutes Casino; Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area; Yuma Visitor Information ... book your room! view events. click here Yuma Casino Hotels Near Top Attractions. Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park (2.06 mi) Marine Corp Air Station Yuma (3.86 mi) Lutes Casino (1.93 mi) Martinez Lake (21.38 mi) Z Fun Factory (4.05 mi) Arizona Western College (7.44 mi) Castle Dome Mines Museum & Ghost Town (6.62 mi) Yuma Art Center (1.76 mi) West Wetlands Park (2.27 mi)

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Algodones Mexico; near Yuma Snowbird heaven. - YouTube

*Update* New BLM Rules at Ogilby - https://youtu.be/kxQG7fdFo3QSee the blog post for more details and photos - http://www.loveyourrv.com/boondocking-ogilby-r... Yuma in Arizona hat eine kleine Altstadt. Man findet dort ein Gefängnis und die Bar "Lutes Casino".--Urige Atmosphäre Sunshine shopping and savings! The Yuma Snow Birds know where to shop, Mexico! Join us for a trip to Mexico. Quechan Casino Overnight Boondocking near Los Algodones ... 6:15. I-8 from the Winterhaven, California Quechan Resort to the Z FunFactory on Frontage Rd, Yuma, AZ - Duration: 11:09. Robert Trudell ... Get away to Quechan Resort and Casino for gaming, nightlife and an escape from the everyday. That's What I Want! To live the truly free, nomadic life, we must reduce our living expenses to the absolute minimum, and the key to that is to stop paying rent or a mortgage. T... Algodones Road in California, near Yuma, Arizona, on R-186, traffic back up, especially from Yuma, to get into the newly opened casino. The vehicles went back for maybe a mile or two on Interstate 8. Hello friends! Happy new year! Visiting the Paradise Casino Yuma AZ. Humungous RV parking lot. Giving a tour of the place and a fresh update. Thanks for watc... December 2018 Free overnight parking is no longer free at these casinos in Yuma Arizona. 1 night $10, 3 nights $25, 7 nights $50 👎🏼 😤 #yuma #RV #casino #boon... Quechan Casino Overnight Boondocking near Los Algodones, Mexico ... Yuman Life October 2013 - Duration: 14:06. Channel 1 Yuma Recommended for you. 14:06. Red Rock Casino Las Vegas Buffet Full Tour ...